SEO Web Fundamentals

SEO web fundamentals

Your SEO efforts can only help you rise if you are building on a solid foundation. I equate the SEO website fundamentals with the preparation of a construction site – these are all things that can happen or may have happened even before your SEO web copywriter started typing. But he or she, your web design, web development company or your search firm, should certainly be able to consult with you in the direction of a properly optimized site, even when that transcends copywriting or design or whatnot.

Create an SEO website by first making sure you are building in brick.

Your SEO web copywriter should be quick to tell you that one of the absolute most dominant factors in today’s SEO is your domain name and its extension. Ideally, you want a top level domain, meaning a .com or one of the other most recognizable extensions. Though this could change, with a bevvy of new tld’s having been released in 2014, I tend to doubt it. I think a .com will continue to carry extra cache, both with consumers and with the engines. That said, if one of your keywords shows up as a top level domain, I think you’re going to have to work extra hard to maintain your position. How does your SEO web copywriter help you? By creating lots of great, unique, natural language content! What? Didn’t you read the previous page?! An SEO copywriter works to develop unique content, while balancing the user’s experience and the company’s need to promote its products or services with the search engines’ needs to see your site as a credible, validated source of relevant information.

Does a search engine optimized website mean I have to put a keyword into my domain name?

An SEO website doesn’t have to do any one thing – the upside to such complicated search engine algorithms with so many factors and weightings is that you have countless opportunities to increase your cumulative “score” – soar with your strengths, remedy your weaknesses, and let longer dwell times, backlinks and social shares affirm your authority in the eyes of the engines.

Most SEO web copywriters will tell you that if a great keyword happens to be in your domain name, as of today, that’s a definite plus. But, honestly, that could change any day, so don’t go considering it make or break. Many websites out there have a keyword in their domain name, but with flimsy content supporting it, so please don’t think for a minute the engines won’t prefer all of that juicy, keyword-optimized content your SEO web copywriter created just because it’s behind a clever, non-generic domain name. But if the competition has both the industry keyword AND the content to support it, well, get angry, I suppose. No, no! Don’t get angry. Just outsmart them in other ways. Build more links. Blog harder. Pay your SEO web copywriter more.

Website optimization: a few do’s and do not’s

Though many of these things fall outside of SEO web copywriting, you’re going to want to know them. So I’m going to tell you. You don’t want hyphens in your domain name; it smacks of impurity. You do, however, want to use them in your page names. Not underscores. Repeat: not underscores. Hyphens. Just not in the domain name part, but we’ve covered that already. Something else you don’t want: url’s of unusual length, the joke here being, of course, the reference to R.O.U.S.’s from “Princess Bride.” End of digression. Something you do want? Applied semantics and keyword stemming. These pertain to whether the engines deem you to be communicating holistically on your subject, which would include not just utilizing your keywords per se but terms statistically relevant throughout the field and variants (singular, plural, tense) that indicate a genuine discussion of the topic, as opposed to keyword stuffing. An SEO website is one that delivers value to visitors. Period.



SEO Web Content is King

SEO Web content: if you can’t beat the search engines, why not give them what they want?

Great SEO web content is the kind that actually informs and answers to a searcher’s need for quality information. And, yes, that information can absolutely be about you, your products and services, their benefits and what makes working with you uniquely great. You just want to keep your eye on being informative, helpful and valuable. As the web and the search engines evolve, it’s important to ask yourself or your SEO Copywriter: what do web searchers really want? What do we, as Googlers, really want? To visit site after site that has been cleverly optimized but fails to give us the information we’re really after? No. We want to learn! We want to captain our own discovery! Of course, it’s okay to sell…it’s more than okay to sell…but can you do it in a way that is helpful and informative, regardless of whether they choose to work with or buy from you?


Great SEO Web Content positions you as a subject matter expert.

There was a time when “expert positioning” was one choice amongst many for how to set your company’s stage in the marketplace. But today, everybody needs to be an expert in their chosen subject matter. Today, you send that message with a comprehensive site and pages that deliver lots of content, specifically lots of unique, high-quality content. The more content you have, the more natural your language can be, as the keywords will naturally slip right in. The natural outgrowth of that: lots of links pointing back to you as more and more sites discover your website to be a killer source of expert information. Beyond volume of content, quality and uniqueness of content, a natural use of language in that content and a good number of high-quality backlinks, keeping your content fresh sends a message of relevancy to both users and the engines’ crawlers. Master just these things and you will not only find yourself head and shoulders above most websites; you just might find yourself with top ranking! This is, of course, the end-game for great SEO web content.

SEO Copywriter

Your SEO copywriter: writing for humans and robots simultaneously.


An SEO copywriter must balance the need to help you rise in the search engine rankings with the need to connect to your real audience: your prospects, buyers and shoppers. In other words, due to these competing needs, he or she won’t be able to implement all of the search engine optimization tactics all of the time. Instead, you are looking for a mature, balanced approach. Since SEO and SEM represent such a vast and ever-changing topic, thanks to frequent algorithm updates by Google and the other engines, you need to be working with a person who can think beyond the binary. The best SEO companies and copywriters utilize a more sophisticated approach, based upon an overall strategy that factors in all of your website objectives, all of your traditional marketing and all of your inbound marketing techniques.

The expert SEO copywriter knows it’s about conversions, not just rankings.

On the SEO pages of this website and blog, you will find a boatload of quality information and expert SEO tips for your website copywriting and on search in general. Take this to heart, as nobody wants to build a website that nobody ever discovers. But also take it with a grain of salt. Nobody can do it all, and certainly not all in one fell swoop. After all, what good is a top position on Google if your ultimate site experience is poor? The ability to create site content that informs, engages and persuades is the hallmark of a veteran marketing copywriter. The ability to structure your website and compose that winning prose while also telegraphing the right messages to the engines is the juggling act of the SEO copywriter.

The best SEO copywriters know how to serve both masters.

To be a top SEO copywriter, one must start by being a top copywriter. You can’t learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales, branding or positioning from a YouTube video or a wikihow entry. You can’t cheat that part or try to learn them in reverse. Once you understand how to connect a target audience to a brand, business service or product, mastering sales psychology, creativity and language, you begin growing a s a copywriter. Then, you simply layer on these additional SEO responsibilities. Suppose you used every SEO keyword trick under the sun to garner a top position on Google. Do you know that you’d probably ultimately suffer in the rankings, due to high bounce rates and a lack of quality backlinks?

The SEO Copywriter’s goals: to get your website to rise in the rankings while still being able to get a rise out of your visitors.

Specifically about an SEO Copywriter’s dual objectives, for demonstration purposes these pages admittedly err on the side of search engine optimization. You’ll notice a frequent use of keyword in the subheads, supporting use of that keyword in the paragraphs below and some attention to semantics. But if I’ve done my job even partially correctly, I haven’t let those engine signals interfere too much with my interest in providing you some insight on the tension between being a great brand marketer and salesman and being a great SEO copywriter. Hopefully, you didn’t feel the extra mentions were too heavy-handed. Every time I used them, I tried to make sure I was adding more relevant information to the conversation. Have you learned more about the difference between keyword-stuffed websites from overseas and artfully optimized sites by creative content kings? I certainly hope so! The best SEO copywriters give the people what they want; they just do it in a way that satisfies the robots.