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The Catch-22 of Financing Brand Strategy Initiatives

Dream: A Breathtaking Brand. Nightmare: Getting Your Company to Understand The Need, The Costs and The Timelines. The Catch-22 of Financing Brand Strategy Initiatives For innovative, progressive companies, it’s a relative no-brainer. The competitive need for curiosity, discovery and the path of exploration (R&D) are already in the bloodstream. And certainly, no business area presents […]

Brands Use Storms to Show True Colors

Brands Use Storms to Show True Colors Several brands have stepped up amidst these hurricanes and, in doing so, have reinforced their status as true leadership brands. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have undeniably brought tragedy and turmoil to those in their paths, but as I watched (too much of the) recent storm coverage, I was, […]

Los Angeles Copywriter Shares 8 Tips

Los Angeles Freelance Copywriter’s Words to the Wise Before we get into this blog post on copywriting tricks of the trade, I’d like to make a few points for those who may not be as familiar with professional copywriting. Often, startup entrepreneurs and small business owners fall into a dangerous trap of thinking that copy […]

Small business naming agency’s ideal client

Are you this small business naming agency’s ideal client? This naming agency business is full of war stories. Just the other day, I had the good fortune of sitting down with a tremendously bright and experienced trademark lawyer. He’s seen his share of lackluster names, seen the results of well-intended punsters and he knows what’s […]

Brand Discovery Objectives

What are the objectives of brand discovery? While brand discovery can range from superficial and cosmetic to deep and probing, a typical goal is to provide a starting point for a comprehensive brand assessment. Brand discovery may then be said to share objectives with both brand assessments and brand strategy: more pronounced differentiation, greater impact, […]