Big Naming Company Options and Alternatives

Finding a great name for a new business, new product or service leaves many marketers feeling lost.

Let’s assume you already know a little bit about branding. Let’s further assume you quickly recognize the difference between a cool, catchy and unique name and a lame one. In fact, let’s assume the search for a standout company name is what brought you here in the first place.

Your options are limited.

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but naming fees might paralyze you.

On the one hand, you have the global naming agencies and the reputable New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles naming firms. I don’t begrudge them their rates. The good ones (of which there are really only a handful) are worth every penny, but for the small business on a budget, $25,000, $50,000 and even $250,000 are simply too much to pay for a name. This is especially true if you a startup or you’re launching a new product right out of the gate.

Some call it crowd sourcing. For naming, I think it’s the equivalent of practicing medicine without a license.

On the other end of the continuum from the big brand naming companies, there are the crowd sourcing options. I mean, who can argue with a couple hundred bucks, right? Most of the prospects I talk to and people who believe in higher standards, that’s who takes issue with the crowd-sourced naming options. Of course, the premise here is so intriguing, I have to admit that on the surface it sounds like a terrifically modern approach to the age-old naming challenge, even to me. So, where’s the rub?

Problems with crowd sourcing naming projects:

  1. Knowing how to wordsmith does not impute the strategic ability to properly position a company.
  2. One hundred or two hundred awful to mediocre contenders does not in any way equal 12-18 brilliant options, one of which you’ll actually select, clear through your trademark attorney and rave about.
  3. Of the submitted names, an overwhelming majority will include misspellings of common words, unavailable dot com domains and trademark trouble.
  4. There is a time and a place for cute. While your naming project could be one of them, it’s usually wise to explore all of your naming options, not just the cutesy ones, the cheesy puns, etc.

Technology name example by Los Angeles branding consultant & naming consultant Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands.

So, is there a company naming agency that can go toe-to-toe with the New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco naming agencies at 50% less cost?

Hi, I’m Scott. So glad we met like this. Check out the company and product names portfolio. Read through the testimonials. I made naming a specialty of Articulated Brands® because it’s a chance for me to give people a leg-up from the get-go. Though I’m based in Los Angeles, I’m giving those New York and San Francisco naming agencies a run for their money. (Not to mention the Chicago naming agencies, the Seattle naming agencies, the Fargo and Fairbanks naming agencies… you get the idea.)

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