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  • Client: TPC/PGA Golf Course Properties
  • Media Type: B2C Branding - Destination Marketing Print Ad
  • Client: Libretto Espresso
  • Media Type: B2C Branding - CPG Website
  • Client: The Beat 92.5
  • Media Type: B2C Branding - Outdoor Board/Radio Station Billboard
  • Client: AT&T/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: B2C Copywriting - Financial Services Direct Mail Insert - Youth Marketing - Buckslip
  • Client: World Golf Village/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: B2C Branding & Marketing - Print Ad
  • Client: Ritz Chamber Players/HDCo.
  • Media Type: B2C Branding & Marketing - Print Ad

Creative Copywriter & Consumer Brand Marketing Consultant: position with pizazz!

A proven consumer brand copywriter or B2C brand marketing consultant does even more than dazzle you with a body of work and a track record of success. As you discuss your particular project or business needs, you begin to see the creation of breakthrough work isn’t all about mystery or creative magic. Sure, that’s a rewarding aspect of the job, but consistency and performance are born of process and philosophy. For me, the creative development process usually involves firming up the position (place of promise) and then translating your Unique Selling Proposition into interesting and unexpected communications that brim with personality. This “punch” — whether through originality, topicality, snarkiosity or universal human emotion — must serve not only to garner attention but to positively predispose them to further engagement and the sale that follows. You can see more copywriting examples.


Creative work sample by Los Angeles copywriter and brand marketing consultant Scott Silverman. Image from the Kalish & Sons’ website.

Does your creative copywriter & consumer brand marketing consultant regurgitate or innovate?

In your B2C copywriter & B2C brand marketing consultant you need to be looking for more than a yes man or woman. The relationship can (and should) exist on a whole other level, with service taking the shape of challenging existing premises and probing deeper into the fundamental business at hand. This may seem like a nuisance, a delay or an extra expense to the uninitiated, but it is this back-and-forth that will always sit at the cornerstone of successful campaigns, breakthrough communications and enduring agency-client relationships. Have we thought of this or that particular obstacle? Have we contemplated just as many potential paths forward as time and budget would allow? Have we considered something completely different? Tenacity, consistency, business intelligence and the ability to simplify your brand story with marketing messages that matter are what separates the truly great consumer copywriters and business-to-consumer brand marketing consultants from the others.

Let’s create business-to-consumer brand communications targets can’t help falling in love with!*

Whether you’re launching a start-up and want to solve your brand messaging challenges form the get-go or you’re an established brand or business in search of a fresh perspective, we should talk. Together we can bring more focus and clarity to your brand which leads to creative executions that elevate the entire company. If you value thoughtfulness, originality and business development drive, you just found your next B2C copywriter and B2C brand marketing consultant. How about a get-to-know-ya chat for you and I? 310.826.8518

*Yeah, yeah. I know. But the “with which” construction is just too clunky. Poetic license on file.

For a list of many of advertising’s all-time great copywriters, wikipedia is always a great source of information, which in this case, can also serve as inspiration!



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