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Real estate copywriter & construction brand consultant:  building in brick.

As a real estate copywriter & construction brand consultant, I try to remind my clients about just how much parity can exist in these competitive fields. It’s critical to carve out perceptions of difference. Professional branding and copywriting get the attention you deserve. Done well, they make your marketing communications rise above the noise. They make your unique value and your credibility glaringly obvious. By doing so, they render you a better choice in the hearts and minds of your prospects. Straightforward strategic advice borne of 20+ years’ experience and consistently creative communications are just two of the reasons people call upon me. See the testimonials. I serve as an extension of my clients’ in-house teams, working as their freelance real estate copywriter & construction brand consultant.

When the foundation is solid, real estate and construction companies grow.

Whether you are a marketing director for a real estate brokerage, a real estate agent, the owner of a construction company, or a service provider to these industries, you need to build your “marketing house” on a solid foundation. Around here, I’m fond of saying, “We blueprint before we build.” In marketing, this means starting with a clear, strategic and insightful Unique Value Proposition. With a strong position identified, we can then begin to define the brand personality. My message-centric approach to brand consulting means we also identify and articulate your points of customer/client overlap. The result of all of this: a clean brief that serves to guide all future brand & business development initiatives. And having a clean brief in place also prevents you from presenting a fractured brand identity. As experienced marketers know, this is both damaging and wasteful. For more on the virtues of building in brick, you should check out this little riff I did on “The Three Little Pigs”: “Which pig had the better marketing pan – straw, sticks or brick?”


From the archives: writing and branding for real estate and construction includes marketing for industry-related technology and services companies.

A clean brief is just as important as clean title.

Having a clean brief in place not only helps you extract more value from every marketing dollar. It gives rise to memorable concepts and benefit-rich copy so you can engage prospects in the near-term. And they help you carve out a unique place in the marketplace so you can elevate perceptions of value in the long-term. The ability to increase your targets’ desire to be working with you (what I call “positively predisposing them”) is why I’m often called to serve as a real estate & construction copywriter & brand consultant.

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