• Client: Cavanaugh Lakeview Farms (Thorn Apple Valley % Bruce & Chato, Inc.)
  • Media Type: Gourmet Food Catalog - Product Descriptions
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  • Client: Kalish & Sons
  • Media Type: Website Product Copy for Kickstarter Campaign
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  • Client: Shine Candles
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CPG copywriter & consumer product brand consultant: descriptions that drive desire.

As a consumer products copywriter & product branding and naming consultant, I serve clients at a special place. It’s a place I like to call “where the brand rubber must meet the retail road.” Honestly, it’s not easy. Achieving success on both fronts simultaneously is kind of the holy grail of marketing. How do we make sales and put near-term money in the bank while carving out a sustainable identity and a consistent position that will give us maximum leverage? For future sales? For everything else we may want to do? Writing copy for packages and labels, catalog copywriting, product naming – these are just three examples where your copywriter and brand consultant needs to be vigilant. Since most of my clients tend to be smaller (no Coca-Cola’s or P&G’s on the roster here yet), they like that I’m a little more business-rooted and pragmatic than many on the creative side. But in these consumer products I’m showing you, am I still using the brand to sell? You bet I am.

Before you describe it, it helps to define it.

The big challenge for all companies, especially startups: so much time goes into the products themselves, that actually defining (versus executing) the brand falls to the wayside. Sure, there may have been logos and packages designed, but when it comes to actually selling the product, we might have benefits and features… but we don’t know how the brand connects to its buyers.


I’m including food and beverage copywriting here. As far as “consumer packaged goods” goes, we can include Mother Nature as a packager, yeah?

Outstanding branding & copywriting start with deeper understandings of the branded products-consumer intersect.

There’s two ways I help. In the first case, you call me from the very moment of product or company inception. In this scenario, we get to work right away. My message-centric branding process allows us to deepen our understanding of our marketplace connections. We define the brand experience in a way that not only informs all of your other marketing work , but in the way that actually promotes sales. Second, in those situations where we aren’t starting with a clean brand messaging brief, we simply rely on my creativity, to the largest extent, and then on my experience, to write us the best consumer goods copy we can produce. It’s not quite what I like to call “optimizing the brand at the retail level” (note to self: I have named lots of strange things), but good news for you: I don’t suck. Results are flavorful, compelling, distinctive. Either way, I want to take your product descriptions to the next level and help you grow your consumer brand. Call me, okay?

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