• Client: ABC Entertainment/Curious & Co.
  • Media Type: Social Media Sharing Campaign - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: Lucky Airlines
  • Media Type: B2B Print Ad - Production Company - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: The Beat 92.5
  • Media Type: B2B Marketing Brochure - Radio Station - Entertainment Brand Copywriter
  • Client: Warner Bros./Neoganda
  • Media Type: Immersive Movie Website - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: IMAR Entertainment
  • Media Type: B2B Marketing Brochure - Radio Promotions - Entertainment Brand Copywriter
  • Client: Prairiedog Film & Television
  • Media Type: B2B Website - Production Company - Entertainment Copywriter

Tent pole copywriting & entertainment branding

Your entertainment copywriter needs to know what makes a property big and appealing and must somehow find a way to make it even bigger. In far less time. With a far smaller budget. Wait. Did I really just proclaim I want to do more of this? Yeah, I guess I did. Because for the right people and the right projects, I think my experience, fertile mind and writing sensibility would make for some great leverage. You can view more copywriting examples.

This entertainment copywriter can be pretty entertaining (on paper, anyhow.)

I read once that it’s called “funny on paper.” In somebody else’s biography it was “stairway humor” – the jokes you think of after you’ve left the career-defining meeting. Do I sometimes still wish I was more of the outgoing, crazy clown type of funny? Yep. Instead, in this entertainment copywriter, you get super serious mo-fo who’s dissecting why the joke is or isn’t funny, and then, once out the door, probably gets caught up in some real-life slapstick, like walking directly into a fire hydrant, crotch-first. Happened. Point is this: cleverness and humor are two of the tools we use to connect your movie, TV or other entertainment brand to its demographic.


Example of brand-building copywriting for entertainment industry brands and the like.

Hire an entertainment copywriter who knows story, character, jokes and how to connect with an audience.

I’m here if you need me: 310.826.8518.


3 quick and easy resources for entertainment brands and entertainment marketing professionals:

1. http://erma.org/

2. http://www.dmnews.com/digital-marketing/4-trends-to-consider-in-entertainment-marketing/article/407345/

3. http://variety.com/2015/digital/news/ces-tech-giants-say-data-is-key-to-entertainment-marketing-1201395191





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