• Client: ABC Entertainment/Curious & Co.
  • Media Type: Social Media Sharing Campaign - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: Lucky Airlines
  • Media Type: B2B Print Ad - Production Company - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: The Beat 92.5
  • Media Type: B2B Marketing Brochure - Radio Station - Entertainment Brand Copywriter
  • Client: Warner Bros./Neoganda
  • Media Type: Immersive Movie Website - Entertainment Copywriter
  • Client: IMAR Entertainment
  • Media Type: B2B Marketing Brochure - Radio Promotions - Entertainment Brand Copywriter
  • Client: Prairiedog Film & Television
  • Media Type: B2B Website - Production Company - Entertainment Copywriter

Portfolio page: entertainment copywriter & brand consultant

Your entertainment copywriter needs to know what makes a property big and appealing. Then, he or she must somehow find a way to make it even bigger. Wait. Did I really just proclaim I want to do more of this? Yeah, I guess I did. Because for the right people and the right projects, I think my experience, fertile mind and writing sensibility would make for some great leverage. You can view more copywriting portfolio examples.

This copywriter can be pretty entertaining (on paper, anyhow.)

I read once that it’s called “funny on paper.” In somebody else’s biography it was “stairway humor” – the jokes you think of after you’ve left the career-defining meeting. Do I sometimes still wish I was more of the outgoing, crazy clown type of funny? Yep. Instead, in this entertainment copywriter, you get super serious mo-fo who’s dissecting why the joke is or isn’t funny, and then, once out the door, probably gets caught up in some real-life slapstick, like walking directly into a fire hydrant, crotch-first. Happened. Point is this: cleverness and humor are two of the tools we use to connect your movie, TV, music or other lifestyle and entertainment brand to its demographic.


From the copywriter’s portfolio: example of brand-building copywriting for entertainment industry brands and the like. In this case, the Ritz Chamber Players are an African American ensemble breathing new life into classical standards.

>>>You know your entertainment brand. I know how to connect with an audience. And this copywriter is here for you if you need me: 310.826.8518.


3 quick and easy resources for entertainment brands and entertainment marketing professionals:

1. http://erma.org/

2. http://www.dmnews.com/digital-marketing/4-trends-to-consider-in-entertainment-marketing/article/407345/

3. http://variety.com/2015/digital/news/ces-tech-giants-say-data-is-key-to-entertainment-marketing-1201395191




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