Finance & Insurance

  • Client: FPIC - First Physician's Insurance Company
  • Media Type: Print Ad for Insurance Company - Malpractice
  • Client: Mayfield Claims
  • Media Type: Website for Insurance Company - Claims Adjusting
  • Client: ATT Universal Card (%SJP)
  • Media Type: Direct Mail & Experiential Campaign for Credit Card
  • Client: Guardian Group, Inc.
  • Media Type: Website for Insurance-related Company - Surety Consultant - Branding & Copywriting
  • Client: Premium Financial Services
  • Media Type: Marketing Collateral for Small Business Lender & Invoice Factor
  • Client: Roney & Co. (% Bruce & Chato, Inc.)
  • Media Type: Direct Mail Campaign for Midwest Stock Brokerage (now owned by Raymond James)

Financial services & insurance copywriter & brand consultant: compounding interest.

As an insurance & financial services copywriter & brand consultant, I help my clients forge more human connections. It’s a real balancing act. On the one hand, it’s their money and security we’re talking about! Isn’t there a need for some pinstripe decorum? On the other hand, we know we just won’t get through if we don’t get out of our own way and speak in a language our targets understand. Emotion, humor, breaking free of convention… these are all fair game when you make capturing attention and engaging your audience Job Number One. For over 20 years, I’ve excelled at this job, working as a copywriter & branding consultant who is frequently called upon to serve financial brands and insurance companies.

Branding and copywriting for financial services firms and insurance companies

Now, of course, some clients prefer a more serious and corporate tone. In these cases, to the extent they are open-minded and willing, I try to demonstrate, on a choice-by-choice basis, how we can address the details, the density and the complexity, while at the same time taking a brand-savvy approach. But this is also why it’s so gosh-darned important to understand your position, and the nuances your brand personality, prior to executing any creative deliverables. Ultimately, it’s up to you to set the creative parameters. But providing the widest range of voices, style choices and creative options are why people love calling upon this insurance & financial services copywriter & brand consultant.


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