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  • Client: AT&T/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: B2C Financial Services - Youth Marketing - Direct Mail Copywriter
  • Client: Discus Dental
  • Media Type: B2P (Dentists) Postcard - Healthcare - Direct Mail Copywriter
  • Client: Perceptics
  • Media Type: B2B Direct Mail Piece for OEM's - Security & Technology - Direct Mail Promotions
  • Client: Green Entertainment Services
  • Media Type: B2B Direct Mail Brochure - Entertainment, Recreation & Leisure - Direct Mail Branding
  • Client: Bruce & Chato, Inc.
  • Media Type: B2B Direct Mail Postcard - Direct Mail Copywriter
  • Client: Association Voice
  • Media Type: B2B Direct Mail Package Insert - Direct Mail Branding

Direct mail copywriter: messaging that hits home

A direct mail copywriter or direct response copywriter is one who knows the tools and tricks to get people to stop whatever they’re doing and take action. While some of the direct mail copywriter greats command twenty, thirty, forty thousand or more for their packages (and are worth every penny), I never specialized to that degree, so I don’t. But since I can write a mean sales letter, what I can do for people is 1) charge a rate more in accordance with most small business budgets and 2) work in exchange for a generous percentage of the take. Of course, a similar skill set is required in the creation of high-conversion landing pages, so I could probably help you here, too!

The direct mail copywriter who beats the control… into a sniveling mess.

As a direct mail copywriter, you’ve got to know the rules, but you also need the freedom to break them, as the product or service dictates. Lately, I’ve been doing non-html email campaigns to CEO’s that pretty much throw everything out the window. We’re generating ridiculous response rates and millions of dollars in sales opportunities. Should you wish to challenge me or have me tweak your existing copy content, I just may be up for that! Another note: yes, “everything” has shifted to digital, especially mobile, but don’t for a minute think that you can’t create interest or website visits from a stamp-addressed personal sales letter or a properly prepared postcard campaign. When it shows up in their hands, sure, they can still toss it, but you’ve probably had a chance to message prior to them “opting out.” Of course, the ROI of this is completely dependent on the field you’re in, what you’re promoting, etc. Think about bringing in a fresh perspective to your direct sales initiatives. Consider whether some out-of-the-blue, un-boxed thinking could add value to your sales. If so, call me.


Copywriter Scott Silverman wrote the headline and copy for this direct mail piece in the financial services industry.

Do all direct mail copywriters fear branding, creativity and humor? Nope!

A big aspect of branding, at least to me, is making the corporate personal. Nowhere is there a better application of this principle than in direct mail, landing pages or other direct response initiatives. When serving as a direct mail copywriter, I continue to use the same creativity and, many times, the humor for which I’m known. Why? Because it works, diffusing sales tension, creating a connection, demonstrating leadership and sales confidence.

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3 helpful links for direct mail marketers

1.  The United States Post Office provides a prodigious amount of information, including regulations, and you can learn about their new neighborhood targeting direct mail services.

2. DMNews publishes an online resource guide that includes mail list providers. I’m taking you to their home page, but you can navigate to the directory from there.

3. For a much more general overview of mailing lists and direct mail, its history, principles and practices, heck, what’s not to love about Wikipedia?



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