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  • Client: Longleaf Mitigation
  • Media Type: B2B Print Advertising - Environmental Services - Green Marketing Copywriter
  • Client: Lasco Bathware
  • Media Type: Trade Print Ad - Pollution Control - Green Marketing Copywriter
  • Client: Harvest Waste (Downtown Diversions)
  • Media Type: Logo & Tagline - Brand Identity - Construction Recycling - Green Branding & Green Marketing
  • Client: Longleaf Mitigation/HDCo.
  • Media Type: B2B Print Ad - Environmental Consulting Services - Landbank - Green Marketing Copywriter
  • Client: Texollini
  • Media Type: B2B Website - Manufacturing - Green Marketing Copywriter
  • Client: EQ: The Environmental Quality Company
  • Media Type: B2B Branding Brochure - Environmental Services - Waste Processing - Green Branding & Green Marketing

Green marketing copywriter: experience makes a world of difference.

As an environmental or green marketing copywriter, I think if you’re doing something good for the world, it’s okay to let people know about it. But even better is when what you’re doing is so linked to your corporate DNA that it feels less like patting yourself on back and more like a natural extension of who you are. Tangent: I think what the millennial generation is teaching us is, yes, the planet matters (and good food and personal respect and value) but so does transparency and your corporate disdain or propensity for bullshit.

Being green just got a whole lot easier. Somebody better tell Kermit.

To get your green marketing or environmental consciousness to stand out, the important thing to remember is that not everything has to be all serious and melodramatic. Can’t doing good feel good? Can’t we express ourselves with joy and jokes, truth and irony? The green decision or environmentally conscious decision may not always be the easiest or cheapest decision (that tide is turning!), but being able to connect with your targets, employees, constituents, donors and volunteers? That part doesn’t have to involve a whole lot of hand-wringing.


Print advertising portfolio example for Florida commercial landscaping firm from green marketing copywriter and environemental brand consultant Scott Silverman.

Re-think. Re-word. Rejoice!

If your company exists in the green space or if you’re a company or organization doing good on behalf of your fellow earthlings, I’d like to help tell your story in a more powerful, more engaging way. As a green marketing copywriter, I just try to let people know that if these companies (bureaucracies historically not being known for speed, dexterity or big think) can manage to get it together on behalf of land, sea and air, maybe we, as individuals can be inspired by the corporate match. Let’s chat! 310.826.8518

3 starter resources for those who want to get their feet into green marketing or copywriting for environmental change:





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