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Healthcare copywriter & brand consultant:  a breath of fresh air.

As a healthcare copywriter & brand consultant, I help companies forge deeper connections with prospects, patients and practitioners. Since a steady stream of marketing leads and patient/client/member/community engagement are the lifeblood of any health and wellness organization, the need for strong branding is obvious. What may not be so obvious, however, is the difference an experienced marketing copywriter can make to both the strength of your brand and the health of your bottom-line. Looking for genuine marketing chops and not simply a wordsmith or a Dr. Feelgood branding consultant? See the testimonials.


From the copywriter’s archives: website for innovative healthcare company providing in-home consultations and treatment.

Vibrant marketing starts with a healthcare copywriter & brand consultant who knows how to quicken their pulse rates.

By injecting strong concepts and copy into your marketing mix, we turn hearing from us from a coma-inducing nightmare into an exhilarating delight. That’s putting the perception management game to work in your favor. Then, with a strong but personable voice, we begin to solidify the connection. Building a credible brand personality, one that’s actually capable of influencing behavior, starts and stops with empathy. Not only is this why people value my copywriting & brand consulting, it’s also why they enjoy working with me. Yes to experience. Yes to proven creativity. But for busy marketing directors and healthcare startup entrepreneurs, it’s an even bigger yes to my bedside manner. We’re going to up their serotonin… and their adrenaline… all so we can up your marketing performance. This won’t hurt a bit. But if it does, don’t worry. Just squeeze my hand.

Okay, but is it “healthcare” or “health care”?

Funny you should ask. If you are writing about a specific type of care, it’s health care. When referring to the industry or the discipline, usage has changed over time. Healthcare, the compound word, has found its way to acceptability.

Helpful links on branding and writing for healthcare brands and health & wellness startups:




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