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Employee communications & human resources copywriter: a labor of love.

As a human resources and employee or internal communications copywriter, my talent is for creating and writing pieces that put a finer point on a culture’s difference; those that elicit more pride and engagement on the part of the employees. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on employer branding, employee recruitment and employee communications. It’s sort of like brand-building from the inside out. When you believe, as I do, that how a company peoples itself determines its fate and growth rate, it’s both a thrill and a privilege to step in on these assignments. Assuming the voice of the company or the organization is an awesome responsibility that often requires grace and diplomacy. It can often be something of a balancing act between how management or the board is accustomed to speaking externally and what you need to do to bridge the communications gap internally.



From the Morley Builder’s career website; a sample by human resources copywriter Scott Silverman.

A more engaging copywriter supports a more engaged workforce.

My preference is for bold communications that speak openly and confidently about who we are, as a company, and where we are going. Great human resources copywriters utilize the same talent for big ideas, clever concepts and sharp copywriting, but, frequently, what you’re selling them on is themselves. Best to keep that between the lines. It can’t sound too much like lip service or traditional marketing. The need for accessibility is paramount; you don’t want to sound too preachy. You’ve got to keep things simple, and even when you’re communicating important matters, you still need a lighter touch. In the employee benefits arena, there are details to manage and convey, but you’ve got to keep it lively to avoid tune-out.

The HR, employer branding & employee communications copywriter who just won’t quit.

Of course, I should point out: I can’t quit. Freelance. But when it comes to creating polished pieces, I’m your guy. A human resources and employee communications copywriter who believes internal communications provide an underutilized opportunity for management, I put the same tireless, creative energy into my human resources copy writing assignments as I put into my customer-facing branding and copy.

>If you’re the type who values a workforce tuned-in and turned-on to the organization, we should be working together. Reach out, reach out! 310.826.8518

For those just getting started and those who want to learn more about what I consider to be a tremendous overlap between human resources and branding & copy writing, I put this list of starter resources together for you:








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