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Employee communications copywriter & employer brand consultant: a labor of love.

As an employer branding, recruitment and employee communications copywriter, my talent is for creating and writing pieces that put a finer point on a culture’s difference; those that elicit more pride and engagement on the part of the employees. It’s sort of like brand-building from the inside out. When you believe, as I do, that how a company peoples itself determines its fate and growth rate, it’s both a thrill and a privilege to step in on these projects.



From the Morley Builders’ career website; a sample by employer branding and employee communications copywriter Scott Silverman.

A more engaging copywriter supports a more engaged workforce.

My preference is for bold communications that speak openly and confidently about who we are, as a company, and where we are going. It can’t sound too much like lip service or traditional marketing. The need for accessibility is paramount; you don’t want to sound too preachy. You’ve got to keep things simple, and even when you’re communicating important matters, you still need a lighter touch.

The HR, employer branding & employee communications copywriter who just won’t quit.

Of course, I should point out: I can’t quit. Freelance. But when it comes to creating polished pieces, I’m your guy.

>If you’re the type who values a workforce tuned-in and turned-on to the organization, we should be working together. Reach out: 310.826.8518

For those just getting started and those who want to learn more about what I consider to be a tremendous overlap between human resources and branding, I put this list of starter resources together for you:







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