• Client: Jason Porter (% HDCo)
  • Media Type: Attorney Website - Copywriter
  • Client: Michael Hines (% HDCo)
  • Media Type: Attorney Website - Copywriter
  • Client: LMO - America
  • Media Type: Trade Show Booth - Positioning & Copywriting for Legal Services Firm
  • Client: Orange County Sheriff's Department (% JWTEC)
  • Media Type: Print Ad - Law Enforcement Recruitment Campaign
  • Client: Bartlett & Deal (% HDCo)
  • Media Type: Attorney Marketing - Partner Announcement
  • Client: Guardian Group, Inc.
  • Media Type: Website for Company Providing Legal Services to Attorneys

Law firm copywriter & legal services branding consultant: caveat emptor.

Some law firm copywriters and legal services branding consultants are really just SEO companies in disguise. So, if that’s all you’re looking for, by all means, keep looking. Luckily, there are some law firms and legal service providers who want more than that. Quite simply, they’re hip to branding. They understand what differentiation can do for the practice. Naturally, they want their unique value to shine through. Surely, they know they need a copywriter who can keep up with the finer points. On the other hand, without strong concepts and a recognizable brand voice, they know they’re going to wind up sounding exactly like every other attorney and law firm. But if you’re looking to project just the right professional yet modern image… man, have I got the copywriter and brand consultant for you! Me. See the testimonials.


Marketing for lawyers often includes marketing to other lawyers.

Hire the law firm copywriter & brand consultant who helps you make stronger closing arguments.

With vast copywriting and brand consulting experience, I’m looking to partner up with lawyers and legal services companies who refuse to do things “the old way.” Of course, we want the firm to appear polished at every turn. More importantly, we want the practice to have a clear message and a clear voice. Certainly, we know our bold leadership and personal values must be demonstrated by how we choose to market the firm. And the brand-savvy know one other thing: the right, measured risks in our communications pay for themselves many times over in the identity we carve out. That’s why you should refuse to invest into lifeless, vanilla marketing materials. Ultimately, they only serve to reinforce parity. So, if you’re looking to bring both sharp strategy and smart style to your legal marketing, I’m inviting you to reach out to this law firm copywriter and brand consultant.

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