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  • Client: Manifest Equity/HDCo
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  • Client: Ritz Chamber Players
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  • Client: Exclusive Automobile Club
  • Media Type: B2C Website - Automotive - Luxury Copywriter & Brand Consultant

Luxury copywriter & luxury brand consultant: position with panache.

A luxury copywriter or a luxury brand consultant takes a good, hard look at your upscale purchasers’ intent. Is it an aspirational buy, a purchase of self-expression, an affordable indulgence or is truly a product or service designed with the needs of the high net worth individual in mind, such as financial services or jet leasing? Often, you say a lot more by saying a whole lot less, but it takes a little longer to build the brand and, therefore, sales. Sometimes, long copy itself becomes a support point for the brand – yes, we have leisure time, yes, we are well-educated, yes, we are cultured and well-read, yes, we are discriminating and want to know what you are all about.

A luxury brand without a position is a luxurious house of cards.

Too many businesses these days are getting it upside-down: beneath brand sits position. Before you go layering on elements of personality and dimension, know your unique value proposition. Specificity in your creative brief, a key deliverable of your luxury brand consultant, will keep your luxury copywriter on-track for the position you want to own in the marketplace, as well as the right tone and right quantity of copy.


Orgodomo™ is an example of an upscale brand created by branding consultant, luxury copywriter and naming consultant for high-end brands, Scott Silverman.

High-end brands need a luxury copywriter who can elevate the experience without gilding the lily.

High-end brands need a luxury copywriter who can extend the elevated experience of the purchase into your marketing materials themselves. A taste. A chance to identify. An opportunity to get those self-expressive benefit juices flowing. But how do you describe a luxurious experience without letting the prose become too purple? How do you sell without selling too hard? For me, it’s more about “sensibility match.” Showing polish and professionalism in naming, tag, headlines and subheads supports a premium product or service. Another thing I wish more luxury brands would embrace: a strong point of view – it takes the weight off of product specifics. It’s kind of like being your own celebrity spokesperson. Do you stand for something more than a transaction with lots of zeros in it? Your luxury brand consultant or luxury copywriter may be able to help you hone in on something… gravitational.

The height of luxury: a copywriter & brand consultant that actually listens.

It’s astounding, really, the number of times I’ve been singled out for things that seem so obvious to me. Like listening intently when people are trying to describe their brands and brand challenges to me. But it’s not just the hearing part and it’s not just about details. It’s about understanding the importance of what is being said, so I can sort and weigh it all properly. Together, we arrive at communications solutions that advance a more elite position, building thoughtfulness into all of your brand marketing pieces so that targets feel they are buying into and (in actuality) getting something more. That’s what a good copywriter for luxury brands or a luxury brand consultant ought to be doing. And that’s what I want to do for you: 310.826.8518

With an expected uptick in the growth of luxury brands, the renowned Stern Business School at NYU is just one of many advanced learning institutions now offering a specialization in the discipline of luxury marketing.



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