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  • Media Type: Manufacturing Content Marketing
  • Client: Lasco Bathware
  • Media Type: Trade Print Ad for Plumbing Manufacturer
  • Client: Kalish & Sons
  • Media Type: Product Descriptions for Lifestyle & Clothing Manufacturer
  • Client: Perceptics Health
  • Media Type: Website for Inspection Machine Manufacturer in the Healthcare Industry
  • Client: Texollini
  • Media Type: Website for Clothing & Textiles Manufacturer
  • Client: Perceptics
  • Media Type: Print Ad for License Plate Inspection Machine Manufacturer

Manufacturing copywriter & brand consultant: marketing machine!

As a manufacturing copywriter and brand consultant, I’m often moved by the business before me. It feels like a giant torch is being passed… akin to the last leg of the Olympic flame processional. If I don’t connect these products to their intended audiences, the prior work – the machining, the financing, the endless meetings on quality and safety — will all have been for naught. When I think about all the blood, sweat and tears that typically go into a maker business… and how marketing is the one ingredient that causes so much hand-wringing… I love to demonstrate where the similarities between sourcing/making/assembling and communication start and stop.

You make the stuff. This manufacturing copywriter and brand consultant helps you make customers.


One fundamental difference between manufacturing and marketing: if you think only about creating “ad product” your maker company will lose big in the marketing game. Winning means out-thinking and out-positioning the competition. It involves applying your vision of quality… down to the ISO details… to the entire brand-building process, including your copywriting. True, we need to make stuff – the websites and brochures and spec sheets and whatnot. But more importantly, and certainly first, we need the equivalent of a “design requirement document” that tells us how we’re going to connect with our customer base.  Enter: the manufacturing positioning brief. It’s the branding and marketing equivalent of your “raw goods.”


This brand consultant & copywriter portfolio sample (Articulated Brands, Los Angeles) depicts the right-hand side of a trade show display for a technology and manufacturing company.

The stronger your positioning, the stronger your branding and messaging.

Traceability is just as important to me as it is to manufacturers and buyers because, quite simply, quality in, quality out. When looking to identify why a company is struggling in its attempts to brand and market smarter, I trace things back to their roots. Your positioning brief spells out your Unique Value Proposition and tells your creative team exactly why targets should care about you, e.g. what’s in it for them. Then, by helping companies tell their value stories in new and exciting ways… avoiding many of the missteps and mistakes on the road to more impacting and effective marketing… well, that’s how I’ve set myself apart as a copywriter and brand consultant for manufacturing firms.

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