• Client: Orange County Social Services/JWTEC
  • Media Type: Outdoor Board (Billboard) - Fostercare & Adoption Awareness - Non-profit Copywriter
  • Client: Caesar Design
  • Media Type: Image to Encourage Women to Get Out and Vote - Non-profit Branding & Copywriting
  • Client: PlayToGive
  • Media Type: B2C & B2B Website - Fundraising for Non-profits - Non-profit Branding & Copywriting
  • Client: The Giving Spirit (2013)
  • Media Type: Direct Mail Postcard - Non-profit Fundraising & Awareness Event - Non-profit Branding & Copywriting
  • Client: The Giving Spirit (2012)
  • Media Type: Direct Mail Postcard - Non-profit Fundraising & Awareness Event - Non-profit Branding & Copywriting
  • Client: Multiple Sclerosis Society of Michigan
  • Media Type: Tee Shirt Design - Non-profit Fundraising & Awareness - Non-profit Branding & Copywriting

Nonprofit copywriter & brand consultant: doing good… better!

Too often, nonprofit copywriters and nonprofit brands answer to a lower bar when it comes to their communications. This is especially true in the areas of messaging and brand voice. Now, obviously, there are tight budgets with which to contend. But, in my opinion, though, that’s even further reason to get our brand marketing and brand messaging houses in order. To learn more about my for-profit experience (the philosophy and approach are the same!) you can visit Los Angeles copywriter and brand strategist biography.


From the copywriter’s portfolio: nonprofit copywriter Scott Silverman wrote this direct mail piece celebrating the work of nonprofit leaders in conjunction with KMoore Creative.

Not pro bono; discounted nonprofit copywriting & nonprofit brand consulting  

Intense competition for attention and dollars, marketplace confusion (healthcare and community organizations) and a tendency to peddle the maudlin (charities) are just three reasons why marketing directors at non-profits need to be upping their brand marketing and nonprofit copywriting games. That’s why, even when nonprofits can’t do full scale brand discovery and strategy, they still need to be working with a nonprofit copywriter who messages with greater firepower. I’m the experienced copywriter who relishes the opportunity to be of good service. For organizations committed to doing good, I refuse to phone it in or bring anything less than full heart and mind to their projects. Advancing your nonprofit brand means working with a nonprofit copywriter who knows your position and core messaging set organizational trajectories and seal organizational destinies.

>>>I can’t give it all away, but this nonprofit copywriter and brand consultant is here to help. Just let me know what you’re up for… and what we’re up against! 310.826.8518


Stanford’s Social Innovation Review published a good article in 2012 that helps directors, marketers, employees, volunteers and other stakeholders better understand the role of the nonprofit brand in change-making organizations.

A common misconception is that branding and marketing are the same thing. This article by The Nonprofit Village explains the difference between branding and marketing and why it’s essential for the nonprofit to get this right.



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