• Client: AIGA Jacksonville
  • Media Type: Invitation Poster - Martini Party - Random Copywriter Sample
  • Client: Detroit Creative Directors’ Council
  • Media Type: Award Show Invitation - Brown Paper Bag - Random Copywriter Sample
  • Client: Articulated Brands (2013)
  • Media Type: Direct Mail Holiday Card - Freelance Brand Consultant & Copywriter Sample
  • Client: Guardian Group, Inc.
  • Media Type: Invitation for Chinese-themed Luncheon - Freelance Brand Consultant & Copywriter Sample
  • Client: Grace & Wild Studios/Bruce & Chato, Inc.
  • Media Type: FSI (Free Standing Insert) - Film Production & Editing Studio - Random Copywriter Sample
  • Client: Steve Petix Clothiers
  • Media Type: B2C Retail Print Ad - Men's Suits, Clothing & Tailoring - Random Copywriter Sample

Random creative copywriter & brand consultant examples: let there be fun!

These creative marketing samples didn’t fit so neatly into any of the other categories. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. But from time to time, I’ve been given the chance to spread my wings even further than usual. Yes, Samantha, you can say edgy things and print invites on paper bags and push whatever envelopes are begging to be pushed. And let’s remember, the first rule of marketing is: get noticed. I do this consistently for my clients. Today, I want to get your company that same attention and admiration. You can see what clients think about my approach to breaking through here: Testimonials


From the copywriter’s portfolio: brand consultant and creative copywriter Scott Silverman positioned The Recording Institute at Musicians Institute as the road less traveled.

Yesterday, creative copywriting and marketing were optional. Today, they’re ROI mandates.

There’s just too much noise and cynicism out there. Too much parity. Too much ordinary. Too much blah. People couldn’t give two hoots about your glossy brochure or your fancy new website. Be imaginative. Be interesting. Be informative. Be valuable. Be a company worth knowing, and they will handsomely reward you for it.

>Ready to turn your marketing up to Eleven? The samples in this Los Angeles, CA copywriter’s portfolio show you I can help. Gimme a quick shout: 310.826.8518.

5 great resources for those who want to become a creative advertising copywriter or a creative marketing copywriter:

1.  Luerzer’s Archive – the worldview of outstanding communications

2. The One Club – producers of the famous One Show Awards, celebrating the best in copy, design and, ideally, the perfect marriage of the two

3. How Design – a handy reference source with more of a visual slant versus copy writing, but a super helpful and practical assortment of features, especially for freelance talent; a very well done pub

4. Print Magazine – creative marketers keep their creative juices flowing with this collection of what the best in the business are doing, why and how; they also sponsor competitions in various categories

5. Communication Arts – listed last, but certainly not least, this industry standard covers all of the media; for creative copywriters and graphic designers, eye candy doesn’t get much sweeter


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