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Technology copywriter & brand consultant: from ones and zeros to dollars.

As a technology copywriter and brand consultant, I help smart companies translate high-tech innovations into high impact revelations. That’s because outstanding tech writing is about even more than an ability to quickly get up to speed on the details and the specs. It’s about translating all of that background and backbone into juicy, customer-relevant and benefit-rich marketing materials. It’s about knowing how to inject just the right amount of human personality and emotion into the equation. And, in my over 20 years’ marketing experience, it’s about matching your breakthrough products and SAAS with branding and copywriting that is similarly inspired.


Technology companies and tech startups need a brand consultant with a proven penchant for thinking beyond the binary.

It’s smart. It’s efficient. Your core technology could very well represent the industry’s next giant leap. But if you find yourself getting bogged down when trying to promote, or even talk about, your company’s products and services, it’s time to think about the clarity, simplicity and relevance of your brand messaging. If your communications just aren’t resonating the way you know they could be, same deal. It’s time to think about hiring an experienced technology copywriter & tech brand consultant.

As Lee Iacocca, the former Chrysler chairman, once said, “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

Even if the business doesn’t have the time or budget to complete a thorough Articulated Brands® message-centric branding process, you should at least go through some minor brand discovery so you can be sitting on a professionally-vetted Unique Value Proposition. At the very least, all of your communications should be borne of a central, strategic home base. Why? Because increasing the pace of growth must involve asking and answering, “How are we going to increase understanding, interest and excitement?” Helping clients ask and answer these key questions, with a greater degree of business savvy and pragmatism, is how I became a highly-valued technology copywriter and brand consultant.

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