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  • Client: World Golf Village/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: Destination Marketing for Groups - Travel, Recreation & Leisure - Copywriter
  • Client: Amelia Island/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: Nature Guide (Brochure) - Travel, Recreation & Leisure - Copywriter
  • Client: TPC/PGA Golf Course Properties
  • Media Type: B2C Print Ad - Travel, Recreation & Leisure - Brand Consultant & Copywriter
  • Client: Cowford Ball/St. John & Partners
  • Media Type: Event Invitation/Folder - Copywriter
  • Client: Gander Mountain/Bruce & Chato, Inc.
  • Media Type: B2C Retail Print Advertising - Travel, Recreation & Leisure - Copywriter
  • Client: Musician's Institute
  • Media Type: B2C Print Advertising - Trade School - Music School - Brand Consultant & Copywriter

This brand consultant & copywriter portfolio page: travel, recreation & leisure marketing examples.

Travel copywriting: have laptop, will travel.

Calling myself a travel copywriter, it’s incumbent on me to point out to you: I include recreation & leisure in that category. It’s really all about destination marketing, anyhow. So, let me ask you something:

Is your brand crying out for a copywriter who has mastered the marketing art of “get up and go?”

Because, as we both know: it’s not about physical place. It’s about heart and mind space. For people who want to increase excitement, interest, leads, bookings, attendance and revenues, I help you better differentiate your offerings and forge deeper target connections. Sure, when I work as a travel copywriter I get to tread a bit into more of the purple prose I usually avoid. Yes, it provides me the opportunity to wax poetic about your site’s amenities and hallmarks. But to escape the sea of sameness (look-alike, sound-alike destination marketing), you need high-energy, emotional concepts and savvy, brand activating copy that leverages deep target insights.


Print advertisement; ad sample from campaign created for TPC & PGA by copywriter & brand consultant Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands, Los Angeles.

You don’t need to go to ends of the earth to find the right copywriter – just to the end of the country.

Asking a segment of the public to get up and go someplace is a pretty big ask on the call-to-action scale. But if you’re up for cracking your brand, you’re in for a memorable marketing excursion of your own. That’s because, when we couple everything you know about your site (facility, attraction, adventure, event, landmark, city, state, country) with my proven ability to create more meaningful messaging, we wind up in an entirely different place. Suddenly, our website, brochures, banner ads and print ads don’t look or sound like everybody else’s. Suddenly, we’re inciting Desire.

To take your travel copywriting and your recreation, leisure and sports marketing further, would it be okay if we thought more in terms of genuine brand-building than traditional copywriting? If yes, please press one. Then, ya know, the rest of the digits: 310.826.8518!

Helpful links if you’re just starting out and looking to learn more about the roles copywriting and branding play in travel, tourism, recreation, leisure and sports marketing:


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