Articulated Brands® is the Los Angeles brand agency that puts your positioning and your messaging first.

The brand agency founded in 2007 by brand messaging specialist and brand marketing consultant Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands® serves B2B and B2C companies of every size and stripe. These businesses are driven by people who share Scott’s passion for game-changing marketing, but they also know the difference between superficial branding and authentic business development support. They know even the most brilliant artistry and even the most sparkling copywriting pale in comparison to a company that knows its customer connecting points and has built them into the brand’s DNA. You can read more about Scott’s Message-centric branding® consultant approach to accelerating growth and creating more practical, more effective brands.

Based in Los Angeles, Articulated Brands® provides a Midwestern helpfulness to branding, company naming and copywriting clients nationwide.

>For smaller businesses and startups, Articulated Brands® saves you time and money, often shaving years off your company’s evolution. The torch we carry: ensuring the marketing you’re investing in and the business you’re building (both marketing & ops) have both been engineered for maximum target resonance.

>For larger companies, Scott Silverman increases impact and efficiency courtesy of superior brand messaging diagnostics and standout creative marketing executions. Increasing internal understanding of your brand opportunity enables you to leverage your business’ strengths into more a more robust platform for growth.

Brand agency services fall into 4 main categories:

1. Brand strategy (includes brand assessments and brand discovery; also includes brand marketing consulting, executive brand coaching, personal branding and celebrity branding)
2. Company naming agency services (includes strategic positioning, brand name consulting and tagline development)
3. Copywriting agency services (includes creative brief writing, messaging development, content and copywriting for websites, brochures, print advertisements, digital campaigns, etc.)
4. Brand development agency services (includes brand identity design, creative direction and creative services for marketing projects and campaign ideation, creation and implementation)
You can read a lil bit more about the agency services.


Exactly how many fancy lunches does it take to create a breakthrough?

What I’m really asking you here is, what do you truly want to get out of your relationship with your brand agency, branding consultant, copywriting services agency or company naming agency? This is the big impact you’ve been looking to make and a level of strategic support you’d think could only come from one of the biggest London, Los Angeles or New York branding agencies. (But a quick personnel tally will reveal I’m actually an agency of one. Depending upon the needs of your business and your account, I bring in additional specialized support as needed.)

Truth is, you may need not a big brand agency. Even my larger clients have discovered that what they really needed was somebody who is just as passionate about growing the business as you are.

If you value genuine branding, company naming and messaging expertise, as well as a genuine brand agency collaboration, over a genuine marble lobby, call me: 310.826.8518. Operator, meaning yours truly, standing by.

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