Meet the one branding agency that puts your position and your message first.

The branding agency founded in 2007 by award-winning copywriter and company naming consultant Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands® puts “big brand” messaging diagnostics and high-octane creativity to work for small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing directors. Articulated Brands® helps companies communicate with strategic precision and just the right brand voice for their targets, always big on creativity, human warmth and wit.

But if were looking to hire a big branding agency, man, are you in the wrong place!

Articulated Brands® is not a big branding agency. Truth is, it’s a one-man band. Scott simply assembles the right design talent and marketing teams as needed. But for those who’d rather skip all the agency layers and form a thicker, creative business partnership, Articulated Brands® serves B2B and B2C companies of every size and stripe. Whether you’re in search of comprehensive branding and marketing services or you just want a friendly hand with creative copywriting, website content or campaign development, it pays to remember: the articulated brand doesn’t just sound better. It is better. Because now you know exactly how to break through.

If you value genuine branding, marketing and messaging expertise, as well as a genuine business development collaboration, over a genuine marble lobby, call Scott: 310.826.8518. Operator, meaning yours truly, standing by.

I would recommend Scott for branding and messaging for new ventures, existing businesses and non-profit organizations. If you are interacting with the public, you need to know your brand.
Bob Reid, CEO, Tejon Ranch Conservancy

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