A branding agency? A copywriting agency? A company naming agency? Just what in tarnation is Articulated Brands®, anyhow?

Branding agency? Yep! I help execute mouthwatering logo design, website design, advertising campaigns and marketing collateral, but a personnel tally will quickly reveal I’m actually an agency of one. Copywriting agency? Sure! I’ve been helping companies finally say what they’ve been trying to say… for over two decades. Business naming company? That’s a specialty of mine. Do it exceedingly well, with more options and more blockbuster results. But exactly how many fancy lunches does it take to create a breakthrough?

So, then, what exactly is Articulated Brands®?

Imagine there was a “take no prisoners” branding, copywriting & naming agency hybrid that helps companies shave years off their marketing evolution.

Now stop imagining. Getting you to a better marketing place faster is what Articulated Brands® track record is all about. The firm was founded in 2007 by brand strategist, brand consultant and award-winning marketing copywriter Scott Silverman. Articulated Brands® is the Los Angeles-based strategic communications company that serves B2B and B2C marketers with a Midwestern helpfulness. Even better, it’s your chance to bring unprecedented focus to your position and fresh meaning to your marketing, including increasing the impact & efficacy of your differentiation.

One-part branding agency, one part copywriting agency, one part company naming firm, nine parts gusto.

What do you really want our of your relationship with a branding agency, copywriting agency or company naming firm? If you value genuine business development and problem-solving over a genuine marble lobby, call me: 310.826.8518. Operator, meaning yours truly, standing by.

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