Industry Experience: Less Important When Differentiation & Fresh Thinking Are What You Really Need

My answer to the question of whether I have industry experience in this or that industry is yes, probably, now let’s have an honest conversation about whether it even matters. Really, I go where I’m needed and valued. But honestly, the people with whom I gel best aren’t the old school types who nervously wonder how I’m going to come into Industry X and get to know it as well as they know it. Oh, no, my friend, I say… you are the industry expert. And you always will be.

My value rests in my ability to take it all in and create a new framework for how we think about connecting the business to its targets and its future. If you want an “order taker,” somebody who, with probably less than 20 years’ solid marketing experience, doesn’t help push you past your preconceived notions and just regurgitates the business back to you, it’s most likely because you’ve never met someone on the creative side who could stand with you on the business side, making the arguments needed to raise your marketing game. Howdy!


My clients appreciate the fresh perspective I offer, often applying valuable lessons learned in one field to another. And if you’re like me, you appreciate someone who can so rapidly immerse into any industry, any technology, model, or niche. That said, here is a list of the industries to which I have been able to apply my branding, copy writing and company naming skills on numerous occasions:

      • Construction branding and copy writing
      • Destination marketing and copy writing
      • Entertainment branding, marketing and copy writing
      • Financial Services copy writing, naming and branding
      • Green marketing, branding and copy writing
      • Healthcare copy writing, naming and branding
      • HNW & Luxury branding, naming and copy writing
      • Human Resources, Employer Branding & Employee Communications
      • Manufacturing marketing, branding and copy writing
      • Non-profit branding, marketing and copy writing
      • Real Estate branding, marketing, naming and copy writing
      • Recreation & Leisure branding, marketing and copy writing
      • Small Business branding, naming, marketing and copy writing
      • Sports Marketing
      • Youth Marketing

Today, the business I most want to help grow is yours. Let’s chat: 310.826.8518. We can talk about how your industry experience will be even more valuable when we couple it with my proven ability to help you escape parity and pricing pressures, rising above the noise.

He was able to find the exact voice I was looking for and produce content that was both strategic and warm.
Brett Gordon, CEO, Argoworks

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