Company taglines punctuate your promise.

Company taglines, also called positioning lines, theme lines and slogans, have always been a passion of mine. It’s your tagline that rounds out your introduction. Your name and logo say hello; your tagline helps you seal the deal. But for me, a professionally conceived and vetted tagline does something even more important than make a powerful statement. A good tagline helps to center all of your work, if not your business as a whole. What do we believe in around here? What’s our promise? See the tagline! What’s our unique point of view? See the tagline? How are we different? See the tagline!

Begin with the end in mind.

While clever word play serves as a wonderful memory aid, my primary objective these days is a bit more nuanced. I seek to create a company tagline for you that perfectly captures your personality, your point of view and the uniqueness of your value promise. If you’ve been looking for a better way to say it, want to increase your marketing impact or give your communications a sounder strategic footing, I’m here to help. I want to create a new company tagline, service tagline, campaign themeline or product slogan for you that helps you make an indelible impression on your prospects and clients.

    • Advantage Integrated Solutions – All hail the lean enterprise!
    • AT&T – Free is good!
    • Completion Contractors – Construction: meet certainty.
    • DTS – Serious about sound.
    • Escrow Processing – The most valuable employee you’ll never pay.
    • Harrington Design Company – Design can.
    • Harvest Waste – Let’s make something of it!
    • Juicify Me – Fresh-squeezed skincare.
    • Lessoneer – Prepare to inspire.
    • Libretto Espresso – Now, let us lift our cups…
    • LMO America – Your best defense against life’s unexpecteds.
    • The Pawed Piper — Canine capers. Feline frolics.
    • Perceptics Health – Inspect. Detect. Protect.
    • Ritz Chamber Orchestra – Classical music. All stirred up.
    • Sequent Systems – Sooner is always better.
    • Sympo – Click, click, hooray!
    • PCofMind – The I.T. Company that asks for a cubby.
    • Solvis – Make it so.
    • TPC/PGA – It’s a good day for golf.

Let’s give them a tagline they’ll never forget. Let’s you and I chat today: 310.826.8518.

Creative, clear and concise.
Jonathan Schuster, VP, Premium Financial Services

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