Freelance web copywriter: serious strategy, signature style.

A freelance web copywriter with 20 years’ brand-building experience, I help you connect like never before. When you’re ready to get all the attention you deserve, you need far more than a wordsmith. Sure, vocabulary, grammar, meter… they all matter. But get this: alone, they don’t sell squat. When you want your marketing messages to fly off the screen or page, you need to know your message is the right one. And you need ideas. Big ones. That’s what distinguishes the best print and web copywriters.

Website-copywriter-freelance-brand-messaging-specialist-Los-Angeles-Scott-Silverman-Articulated-Brands Recent web copywriter portfolio sample for an outstanding educational technology product, Lessoneer, by EdCaliber of Portland, Oregon.

Copywriting is serious business. (Except, of course, when it isn’t.)

Known for warmth, wit and the use of unexpected approaches to help bring emotion and human personality to both B2C and B2B brands, everything I do is engineered to help you better connect with your targets. See samples in the accordion menu below and throughout the site, or get a quick overview using the ShowMe tool: Los Angeles branding consultant and copywriter portfolio.

If you’re too busy for words, I can help!

When you’re ready to unleash your full marketing potential, I want to take your web copywriting… honestly, I want to help you take all of your marketing copywriting… to the next level. So you can experience unprecedented customer/client interest, understanding and interest. And the increased leads, revenues and market share that come from that!

>>>Give Los Angeles freelance print & website copywriter Scott (who strictly limits referring to himself in the third person to landing pages like this) a call today: 310.826.8518.

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Web Copywriter


The right web copywriter makes your business virtually unstoppable.

When you want to take your business to the next level, say goodbye to the words-by-the-pound web copywriter. Hit control + alt + delete on the journalist who calls himself a website copywriter. For a truly winning website, one that bespeaks your leadership while creating clicks and raving fans, say hello to a real website copywriter. I exist exclusively for those who understand the utter business importance and enduring value of cracking their positioning and messaging. First, I’ll ensure we’ve nailed the substance of your sale. Then, I’ll pepper your brand story with power, personality and panache.

The website copywriter for bright companies who want to be positioned for even brighter futures.

When you want your website to function as a genuine engine of business development, you’ve gotta dig deeper. I help you articulate your company’s products and service offerings so that their unique value is glaringly obvious. This is how you break through. This is how you resonate. This is how you can get targets finally excited about working with or purchasing from you. With eight years’ experience as a website copywriter, I team with web designers and website developers. I can support you with everything from concepts and copy to site architecture, wire-framing, complete design, development, testing and launch.

Call on the Los Angeles freelance copywriter who knows how to write SEO web copy for the robots while optimizing your brand for the people. Gimme a shout: 310.828.8518.

Print Advertising Copywriter


A freelance advertising copywriter since 1994, I give you all the juice that’s fit to print.

Your new print ad campaign will make you cheer. Your sales team…the whole office will go downright batty. Somebody may even lose an eye. Suddenly, those old print advertisements, which only drained your marketing budget while reinforcing target perceptions of parity, will be completely re-imagined. Out with the lame, out with the meaningless marketing drivel, out the old-school claims of “ first-in service leadership.” In with the new, the bold, the brave, the brand-building.

The right freelance advertising copywriter helps you turn it up to Eleven.

To increase target interest, target understanding and target excitement, you gotta dig deeper into the core of your brand and more thoughtfully determine a strategy for penetrating your targets’ psyches. Print advertising campaigns and all print and digital marketing for that matter, that brim with brand-building personality, don’t happen by diving headlong into the creative process. When serving as your freelance advertising copywriter, we spend more time talking about your business development and communications objectives. We measure twice, cut once, and then, we pound those messages home.

Every marketing director, every CEO and every experienced entrepreneur should have a proven advertising copywriter at his or her beck and call. I’m ready when you are: 310.826.8518.

Brochure & Marketing Copywriter


This marketing copywriter helps you pick up some business while dropping some jaws.

Can you believe it? Form and Function have finally reunited. And look who else just got back together: it’s Style & Substance! Holy hookups, Batman! Marketing copywriting never looked or sounded any better. Even in serious, B2B marketing environments, nobody’s looking back. Why? Because if they don’t enjoy reading it, they aren’t going to enjoy YOU very much. Getting targets to like and respect your company eases the sale. That’s why it has always been a key objective of marketing copywriters who know how to grow a brand and a business simultaneously.

Marketing copy writing that elevates & differentiates. So they’ll actually be inspired by it. Imagine that!

Whether you need a marketing copywriter for a product or promotional brochure or for a long-form capabilities brochure…when you want to invigorate your human sales process, marketing collateral that drives your point home is a specialty of mine. I’ve made it a personal vow to rid the world of ordinary marketing these past 20 years. If you share my love of outstanding marketing and my passion for ridding the world of uninspired, ineffective marketing that just sits there, let’s do this. Let’s really do this! Let’s increase resonance by connecting with your customers and prospects more authentically and more uniquely.

Getting your marketing to do more starts with a marketing copywriter who does more. Let’s talk about injecting some high-octane marketing copy writing into your brochures, your other marketing collateral and into your business today: 310.826.8518.

TV & Video Copywriter


Okay, kids! Grab the popcorn and Junior Mints®!

When you need a video copywriter for training, sales or virtual facility tours, or a television copywriter for your network or cable spots, call me. I’m always up for writing a television commercial or video script or punching up your existing script with a higher standard of jokification and sales jujitsu. Though based in Los Angeles, my TV and video copywriter services are available across the continent (Ay, Canada! Hola, Mexico!)

It’s a funny or die world.

When it comes to structuring an engaging sale, this television and video copywriter attacks both the creative narrative and the sale like, well, like the brand positioning pro that I am. And these days, if you can’t entertain your audience, they don’t just tune out your pitch; they tune out your brand. Of course, humor isn’t always appropriate. I can do revolutionary, serious, educational and maudlin, too, although nobody’s ever asked for that. Funeral home, anyone? In short, I’m not a one-trick pony. I’m just a pony who’d rather be squirting people from his lapel flower, which is only funny because it isn’t. And, honestly?  Your industry is more ripe for a good laugh than you may think.

To reach television & video copywriter Scott Silverman telepathically, just think about how great your new script is going to be. But to hedge our bets a little here, you better call me first: 310.826.8518.