This marketing copywriter helps you pick up some business while dropping some jaws.

Can you believe it? Form and Function have finally reunited. And look who else just got back together: it’s Style & Substance! Holy hookups, Batman! Marketing copywriting never looked or sounded any better. Even in serious, B2B marketing environments, nobody’s looking back. Why? Because if they don’t enjoy reading it, they aren’t going to enjoy YOU very much. Getting targets to like and respect your company eases the sale. That’s why it’s always been a key objective of marketing copywriters who know how to grow a brand and a business simultaneously.

Marketing copywriting that elevates & differentiates. So they’ll actually be inspired by it. Imagine that!

Whether you need a marketing copywriter for a product or promotional brochure or for a long-form capabilities brochure… when you want to invigorate your human sales process, marketing collateral that drives your point home is a specialty of mine. I’ve made it a personal vow to rid the world of ordinary marketing these past 20 years. If you share my love of outstanding marketing and my passion for ridding the world of uninspired, ineffective marketing that just sits there, let’s do this. Let’s really do this! Let’s increase resonance by connecting with your customers and prospects more authentically and more uniquely.

Getting your marketing to do more starts with a marketing copywriter who does more. Let’s talk about injecting some high-octane marketing copy writing into your brochures, your other marketing collateral and into your business today: 310.826.8518.

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