A freelance advertising copywriter since 1994, I give you all the juice that’s fit to print.

Your new print ad campaign will make you cheer. Your sales team… the whole office will go downright batty. Somebody may even lose an eye. Suddenly, those old print advertisements, which only drained your marketing budget while reinforcing target perceptions of parity, will be completely re-imagined. Out with the lame, out with the meaningless marketing drivel, out the old-school claims of “ first-in service leadership.” In with the new, the bold, the brave, the brand-building.

The right freelance advertising copywriter helps you turn it up to Eleven.

To increase target interest, target understanding and target excitement, you gotta dig deeper into the core of your brand and more thoughtfully determine a strategy for penetrating your targets’ psyches. Print advertising campaigns and all print and digital marketing for that matter, that brim with brand-building personality, don’t happen by diving headlong into the creative process. When serving as your freelance advertising copywriter, we spend more time talking about your business development and communications objectives. We measure twice, cut once, then, we pound those messages home.

Every marketing director, every CEO and every experienced entrepreneur should have a proven advertising copywriter at his/her beck and call. I’m ready when you are: 310.826.8518.

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