TV & Video Copywriter:

Okay, kids! Grab the popcorn and Junior Mints®!

When you need a video copywriter for training, sales or virtual facility tours, or a television copywriter for your network or cable spots, call me. I’m always up for writing a television commercial or video script or punching up your existing script with a higher standard of jokification and sales jujitsu. Though based in Los Angeles, my TV and video copywriter services are available across the continent (Ay, Canada! Hola, Mexico!)

It’s a funny or die world.

When it comes to structuring an engaging sale, this television and video copywriter attacks both the creative narrative and the sale like, well, like the brand positioning pro that I am. And these days, if you can’t entertain your audience, they don’t just tune out your pitch; they tune out your brand. Of course, humor isn’t always appropriate. I can do revolutionary, serious, educational and maudlin, too, although nobody’s ever asked for that. Funeral home, anyone? In short, I’m not a one-trick pony. I’m just a pony who’d rather be squirting people from his lapel flower, which is only funny because it isn’t. And, honestly?  Your industry is more ripe for a good laugh than you may think.

To reach Los Angeles television commercial & video copywriter Scott Silverman telepathically, just think about how great your new script is going to be. But to hedge our bets a little here, you better call me first: 310.826.8518.

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