Articulated Brands’ web-based software is loaded with all of the email features & benefits that make brand building a breeze.
Our online email marketing software contains a full set of features designed to help you manage every aspect of your customer, member and fan email outreach. For tips and hints on email marketing, click on over to: quick tips.
Now, here’s a quick overview of some of the noteworthy email features that simplify and streamline your work-life:

AUDIENCE: this email feature helps you import, store, manage and grow your permission-based lists.

• Create unlimited audience groups for organization and targeting
• Search & segment your audience based on demographic, response data and more
• Customize your database using standard fields and wildcards you create from scratch
• Create personalized signup screens and confirmation emails to help grow your list
• Import large lists easily and automatically clean them for duplicates and errors
• Easily move members and reorganize audience groups as you go
• Export your audience lists and data at any time

CAMPAIGNS: Articulated Brands’ campaign email features help you create great-looking email campaigns and send them using our sophisticated delivery network.

You’ll be able to:
• Create stylish html campaigns…with no HTML knowledge required!
• Personalize your emails with first names and more
• Prepare html and text versions simultaneously, and deliver the right one, based upon your recipient’s preferences, automatically
• Proof your campaign for problematic content before you ever press “send”
• Include our send-to-a-friend email feature with every email
RESPONSE: Articulated Brands’ response email feature gives you easy access to your results, in real time.
You’ll enjoy:
• Seeing real-time totals for emails received, opened, clicked, forwarded, signed up and more (and details for who did what, and when)
• Viewing response details for entire campaigns and for individual recipients
• Having your bounces (hard and soft) and opt-out requests handled for you, all automatically
• Storing your past campaigns and results in your online archive, and easily linking to past campaigns from your website.

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