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Ask yourself: can you honorably uphold the tenets of permission-based marketing*? (If yes, please keep reading. If no, the this email marketing company is NOT for you. Have you considered telemarketing, perhaps around suppertime?)
We’re big believers in trying before you buy. Why not take a test drive? Simply refer to the login screen at the top of this page and enter:
username demo@demo.com
password Demopass1
Then, getting started is simply a matter of choosing the package that’s right for you:
Utilizing an html conversion of your existing letterhead, you’ll send up to 1000 emails per month for one year – that’s less than $90 per month to make a lasting impression…and it includes all set-up and activation fees!
It’s your existing letterhead but “one step beyond,” possibly taking more of a design cue from your web site. Plus, the BRAND-EASY lets you to send up to 3,500 emails per month for one year!
Includes copy and assistance for your first send! With an enhanced version of your letterhead, possibly taking more of a design cue from your web site, you’ll send up to 7,000 emails per month for one year!
Please bear in mind: this is not one of those off-the-shelf services that will plaster their logo at the bottom of your emails. This is your own custom email, just like you are Apple, Macy’s, or any small brand who wants to make a bigger brand impression.
You can start sending custom emails sooner than you think! Just call 310.826.8518 or send a quick get-to-know-you email to cott (at) articulatedbrands (dot) com with the name and phone of the primary contact, any questions you may have, as well as these 3 items:
• An indication of which package seems the best fit for you
• Art files (psd, pdf, tif, gif or jpg) from your letterhead & logo (not to worry – we’ll follow-up promptly)
• Your web address


*Permission-based means you agree to send only to known parties – people with whom you currently have business relationships. It is this commitment to the principles of Can Spam Legislation that facilitates such strong relationships with ISP’s. Purchased lists and addresses constitute spam. Any account that, in the sole opinion of Articulated Brands, misuses the system or sends emails in excess of their monthly allotment will be immediately suspended, without refund. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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