Grow your business with branded email marketing solutions from Articulated Brands.

Branded email marketing lets you turn up the juice on your communications… and it turns the simple act of keeping in touch into making a dramatic impact with clients and prospects. Watch referrals and incremental sales grow as the “chore” of consistent communications becomes the joy of experiencing a more engaged and enthusiastic fan base. Branded e-mail solutions from Articulated Brands help you optimize your brand where it matters most: right in front of the faces of all of those you already have on your radar.

Sending email returns results.

You get what you give. Karma. The boomerang effect. Whatever you want to call it, email marketing grows brands, grows businesses, grows the ego of whomever claims responsibility for putting it to work for your company.
Articulated Brands’ email marketing can help you retain customers, keep clients and prospects informed, increase awareness and sales, fill seats and support your employee communications goals. Due to its relatively low cost and effectiveness, more and more companies looking to maximize impact and stretch their marketing budgets are making email marketing their first priority. Also, it’s fast. As in blazing fast. And so far, it hasn’t tested positive for any sort of performance-enhancing drug use. Cost-effective, speedy and brimming with moral fiber, now that’s something you can get behind, right?
But to work, email has to be done well. Content needs to be clear and compelling. Graphics need to be visually appealing. Campaigns need to be personalized and relevant. Delivery needs to be timely and accurate. And results need to be thoroughly tracked and analyzed, and the findings applied to future mailings.

Simply call us at 310.826.8518 to learn more and ask for your no-obligation demo. As surprisingly powerful as it is surprisingly affordable, it’ll prove to be one of the savviest marketing dollar stretches you make all year.

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Scott’s approach goes beyond finding a great name and tagline to identifying the core of your differentiated value. Scott is amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs. He enabled us as a small company to develop an enterprise-class brand quickly and within our budget.  
Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

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With an interface so easy to use even a Scott Silverman can do it, you’ll experience these branded email benefits:

1. Create and send powerful & attractive email campaigns…

Simply use the intuitive click-and-build screens. Plus, you’ll be able to store your past
campaigns for easy access and linking later.

2. Manage your audience lists…

…easily organizing your recipients into groups, and/or sending to people based on their
interests, geography, past responses and more.

3. Utilize industry best practices…

Whether it’s following the rules of permission marketing, handling opt-out requests
quickly, or interpreting bounces, the web-based software was designed to help you
increase your branded email delivery rates and continuously improve your results.

4. Deliver with success every time…

The world-class delivery network ensures high delivery rates through personalized
sendoff and unprecedented ISP relationships. The engine handles every aspect of delivery
for you, so you can just sit back and watch the responses roll in.

5. Track your branded email results in real time…

You’ll see who opened your campaign, clicked on every link, forwarded your campaign
to friends or signed up to get your future emails. You’ll find out who bounced (definitely
didn’t get your email), so you’ll be able to follow up with them



Articulated Brands’ web-based software is loaded with all of the email features
& benefits that make brand building a breeze.

Our online email marketing software contains a full set of features designed to help you
manage every aspect of your customer, member and fan email outreach. For tips and
hints on email marketing, click on over to: quick tips.

Now, here’s a quick overview of some of the noteworthy email features that simplify and
streamline your work-life:

AUDIENCE: this email feature helps you import, store, manage and grow your
permission-based lists.

  • Create unlimited audience groups for organization and targeting
  • Search & segment your audience based on demographic, response data and more
  • Customize your database using standard fields and wildcards you create from
  • Create personalized signup screens and confirmation emails to help grow your list
  • Import large lists easily and automatically clean them for duplicates and errors
  • Easily move members and reorganize audience groups as you go
  • Export your audience lists and data at any time
CAMPAIGNS: Articulated Brands’ campaign email features help you create great-
looking email campaigns and send them using our sophisticated delivery network.

You’ll be able to:

  • Create stylish html campaigns…with no HTML knowledge required!
  • Personalize your emails with first names and more
  • Prepare html and text versions simultaneously, and deliver the right one, based
    upon your recipient’s preferences, automatically
  • Proof your campaign for problematic content before you ever press “send”
  • Include our send-to-a-friend email feature with every email
RESPONSE: Articulated Brands’ response email feature gives you easy access to your results, in real time.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Seeing real-time totals for emails received, opened, clicked, forwarded, signed up
    and more (and details for who did what, and when)
  • Viewing response details for entire campaigns and for individual recipients
  • Having your bounces (hard and soft) and opt-out requests handled for you, all
  • Storing your past campaigns and results in your online archive, and easily linking
    to past campaigns from your website


E-tips. (Like Q-tips, but it’s okay to put these in your ear.)

For the greatest success in your email marketing campaigns, I advice my marketing consulting clients:

  1. Ask for permission. For when I’m serving as your marketing consultant, it
    helps ensure relationships with ISP’s (a key to quality delivery) remain at the
    A+ level. And with consumers becoming more finicky about what they read,
    building a true permission-based list is more important than ever.
  2. Get into their address books.
    Want to know the secret to reaching the inbox? It’s the Address Book. Get in
    there, and you’re more likely to bypass any filters and show up just the way
    you want. Remind your audience members to add you to their address book
    (or white list or safe senders list) every chance you get.
  3. Give your emails both style and substance.
    Thanks to this system for my marketing agency clients now it’s easier than
    ever to create emails that are attractive and enticing. Furthermore, a good
    copywriter can help you structure your content, capturing the flavor of your
    brand while at the same time incorporating both the meat of your message
    and supporting your overall strategy. Creative content also helps put you on
    their “gotta read it” short list
  4. Send with delivery in mind.
    Before your emails can be read and responded to, they have to be seen.
    That’s why we make sure your emails are sent in a way that’s designed to
    ensure high delivery rates – through personalized delivery, sophisticated
    delivery policies, and ISP relationships. And it’s why we offer you the tools
    to proof your campaign’s content prior to send-off and to see the complete
    results once sent.
  5. Use (really use) the subject line.
    Arguably the most important single line of any email, the subject line is your
    two-second opportunity to catch someone’s eye and convince them to stop
    and look. Even a freelance copywriter with email copywriting experience will
    vow you with the myriad ways there are to craft an engaging subject line.
  6. Know your audience.
    The key to creating appealing content is to really know the group to whom
    you’re communicating. Use your signup screens and database to collect
    information about who they are, where they live, and what they like. Enlist
    your recipients’ help to keep that information fresh and current.
  7. Tailor your message.
    It’s all about creating smaller, more targeted mailings based on your
    recipients’ demographics, interests and more. The more timely, relevant and
    personal you can make it, the better. Again, an experienced email marketing
    company or professional email copywriter should be able to develop a
    creative pitch that shows you how you can breathe life into your creative
    email campaigns.
  8. Handle opt-outs immediately.
    It’s common courtesy. Also, it’s the law. The Can-Spam Legislation grants
    you 10 days to handle opt-out requests, but in the world of email 10 days
    is an eternity. That’s why this marketing consultant’s opt-out feature
    handles requests instantly and remembers those requests to prevent against
    accidental abuse.
  9. Understand (and use) your results.
    Tracking metrics like receipts, bounces, opens, clicks, forwards and signups
    is the first step to understanding what’s happening to your emails. But those
    numbers are more than just metrics — they’re your audience talking to
    you. Not with real voices, because that’d be weird, but through their actions
    (or inaction). Listen to what they’re saying and then apply it to your future
    emails and email marketing campaigns.
  10. Experiment and adapt.
    Like most things, email marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. So,
    start with a basic plan, apply your philosophy, brand strategy and style, and
    adapt as you go.

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Why email marketing? Why this email marketing company?

Articulated Brands’ email marketing system was developed with you in mind. More importantly, you can add custom email marketing to your media mix for under $100 a month! A quick re-cap of the reasons why email marketing is going to be one of your favorite outreach tactics:

The Interface
Articulated Brands®’ intuitive interface makes even the most sophisticated email-
marketing features easy for anyone to use, saving you time and effort and allowing you to
let non-technical staff members help you manage your lists, content and account.

The Flexibility of It All
From signup screens and database fields to campaign templates and content, there’s little
about our service that can’t be customized to suit your particular projects and process.

The Relationship
Should you require more support in terms of strategic messaging or creative content, your
“membership” locks in special rates on email copywriting services, email design services
and email marketing consulting.

The Custom Designs
Whether you ask us to translate your existing paper letterhead to e-stationery or to add
more pop and flair to your brand, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece of e-stationery that
helps you get noticed. While template systems achieve an economy of scale, they do
little to differentiate, impact or impress. Too many companies today go running after the
cheapest email marketing solutions provider they can find without considering the shape
and status of their existing brand. It’s imperative to “stay in their faces”, but it’s just as
imperative that the impression you make is a polished, professional, powerful one.


Wake up sleepy targets. Get started today.

Ask yourself: can you honorably uphold the tenets of permission-based marketing*? (If yes, please keep reading. If no, the this email marketing company is NOT for you. Have you considered telemarketing, perhaps around suppertime?) We’re big believers in trying before you buy. Why not take a test drive? Simply refer to
the login screen at the top of this page and enter:

password Demopass1
Then, getting started is simply a matter of choosing the package that’s right for you:


Utilizing an html conversion of your existing letterhead, you’ll send up to 1000
emails per month for one year – that’s less than $90 per month to make a lasting
impression…and it includes all set-up and activation fees!


It’s your existing letterhead but “one step beyond,” possibly taking more of a design cue
from your web site. Plus, the BRAND-EASY lets you to send up to 3,500 emails per
month for one year!


Includes copy and assistance for your first send! With an enhanced version of your
letterhead, possibly taking more of a design cue from your web site, you’ll send up to
7,000 emails per month for one year!
Please bear in mind: this is not one of those off-the-shelf services that will plaster their
logo at the bottom of your emails. This is your own custom email, just like you are
Apple, Macy’s, or any small brand who wants to make a bigger brand impression.
You can start sending custom emails sooner than you think! Just call 310.826.8518 or
send a quick get-to-know-you email to cott (at) articulatedbrands (dot) com with the
name and phone of the primary contact, any questions you may have, as well as these 3

  • An indication of which package seems the best fit for you
  • Art files (psd, pdf, tif, gif or jpg) from your letterhead & logo (not to worry –
    we’ll follow-up promptly)
  • Your web address

    *Permission-based means you agree to send only to known parties – people with whom
    you currently have business relationships. It is this commitment to the principles of
    Can Spam Legislation that facilitates such strong relationships with ISP’s. Purchased
    lists and addresses constitute spam. Any account that, in the sole opinion of Articulated
    Brands, misuses the system or sends emails in excess of their monthly allotment will be
    immediately suspended, without refund. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



Branded Email Template Gallery

In the email gallery, there are numerous WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
options for

advanced designs

Of course, the inside or “body” of the email can be completely customized for you,
as well. But if you’re looking to economize, go with a branded top and bottom while
utilizing a pre-made “body.”
To learn more about the email marketing company services Scott can provide you
just give him a call now: 310.826.8518.