Graphic design is a business tool. Make sure it’s in the right hands.

This is not a vanity exercise.

This is not an art project.

This is your business we’re talking about.

Unlike the too many companies who position themselves as makeover artists or, worse yet, those who slap a logo or website design on you and tell you you’ve been branded, Articulated Brands defines beauty a little bit differently. Even though my company is deeply rooted in position and message, tighter creative briefs and an experienced, sophisticated aesthetic provide you the perfect combination of form and function. Logos that make their mark. Websites that keep them clicking. Genuine business problem-solving graphic design. It’s a beautiful thing!

Turn heads. Change minds.

If you’ve got designs on increasing perceptions of value, commanding more target attention and fostering greater prospect affinity, only real graphic design can exert a real influence. The advantage of working with Articulated Brands® is that you not only get world-class brand positioning, company naming and copy writing services, but you also get outstanding logo design and brand design from some of the best graphic design talent available anywhere.

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Scott is a true word wizard. When you need ingenious messages to fly over the page, he delivers.
Liz Goodgold, Author, "Duh Marketing"

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Logos & Brand Design


Logo design, brand design & graphic design for sophisticated marketers

In the hands of genuine logo design and brand design talent, shape, color, typography and symbology all combine to begin telling your authentic brand story. True, your logo design is the face of your company. But for a business to succeed, it needs more than makeup. If you approach this fundamental business undertaking (design is an ongoing process that works continuously to better connect you with your targets and reinforce perceptions of differentiated value) as an “art project” you will not be very happy with the results.

The difference is experience. The difference is Articulated Brands.

My company, Articulated Brands, collaborates only with the most seasoned logo designers and graphic designers who have proven their ability to conceptualize and craft memorable marks and corporate identity suites by creatively interpreting their strategic briefs. So you can embrace this logo design or brand design process with confidence, curiosity and excitement. So your customers, clients and prospects will gravitate to your new logo design.

Let’s make sure customers and clients always see you at your very best. Give Scott a call today, 310.826.8518.

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Web Design


Web design: sites for sore eyes

Your website is not an online vanity brochure. Your website design needn’t be a Las Vegas spectacle. Instead, rely on a proven strategic process that better identifies the competitive landscape, your targets’ current perceptions and the experiences, emotions, and expectations we need to be creating first. If you want your website to function as an engine of business development, form and function need to be harmoniously married together. You’ve only got 6 seconds to show your web visitors that the experience in store is one for which it’s worth sticking around.

Outstanding web design will accomplish three major things:

1. Your new web design will arrest web surfers’ attention.
2. Your new web design will excite them about the unique value of your company’s products and services.
3. Your website design will easily guide them to a greater understanding of what’s in it for them, while driving them to the specific actions you want them to take.

At my company, we design websites that grow brands and businesses simultaneously. In today’s world, your website is often the first experience your prospects will have with you. Your website design needs to bespeak leadership. Your website design needs to elevate your company.

It’s time to show them what you’re made of. It’s time to chat with Scott about your website design: 310.826.8518.