Logo design, brand design & graphic design for sophisticated marketers

In the hands of genuine logo design and brand design talent, shape, color, typography and symbology all combine to begin telling your authentic brand story. True, your logo design is the face of your company. But for a business to succeed, it needs more than makeup. If you approach this fundamental business undertaking (design is an ongoing process that works continuously to better connect you with your targets and reinforce perceptions of differentiated value) as an “art project” you will not be very happy with the results.

The difference is experience. The difference is Articulated Brands.

My company, Articulated Brands, collaborates only with the most seasoned logo designers and graphic designers who have proven their ability to conceptualize and craft memorable marks and corporate identity suites by creatively interpreting their strategic briefs. So you can embrace this logo design or brand design process with confidence, curiosity and excitement. So your customers, clients and prospects will gravitate to your new logo design.

Let’s make sure customers and clients always see you at your very best. Give Scott a call today, 310.826.8518.

(For more on graphic design, logo design and brand design, as well as how design creates value for business: http://www.aiga.org/landing.aspx?pageid=10590&id=49)

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