Brand assessments ask: is your unique value coming through, loud and clear?

An Articulated Brands® brand assessment lets you know. When companies call upon me for a brand assessment they typically want to know how to better resonate with their targets and whether they’re working towards the most powerful, defendable, differentiated position. Some of the questions I help you both ask and answer: does the current incarnation of your brand have the legs to give rise to a complete three-dimensional personality? Does it equip your creatives or brand development agency with the pinpoint instructions they need to carve out a one-of-a-kind presence? Are you erring too far on the side of the future while neglecting today’s bottom-line?

Increase your marketing impact, effectiveness & long-term ROI with Brand Assessments by Los Angeles Brand Strategist Scott Silverman.

Your brand assessment spells it all out for you – the good, the bad and, yes, the ugly. So you can ensure your marketing is actually communicating in alignment with your vision, your values and the current marketplace opportunities. Should a new brand strategy be warranted, you can hold that strategy accountable to the findings in the assessment. For many marketing directors & CEO’s, it is the fresh, objective, experienced perspective shared in the Brand Assessment and the Brand Discovery work groups that precipitates organizational buy-in for new branding endeavors and improvements to the brand strategy. What’s working. What isn’t. What’s next.

Let’s assess your brand today to ensure a stronger brand tomorrow. Let’s chat: 310.826.8518.

Brand strategies often exist in the abstract. On the creative side, it takes someone who can execute with precision. Few on the agency side can do this. Fewer still can sync up brand development with bottom-line business realities. That’s why I like Scott.
Tom Asacker, Business Speaker, Author, "A Clear Eye for Branding", "The Business of Belief", "A Little Less Conversation", "Sandbox Wisdom"

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