Brand discovery: how we get the authentic you to shine through.

Brand discovery throws many businesses for a loop. “We know who we are,” they insist, “we’ve even got a mission statement.” Um, no. I feel their pain, but their “All babies need to eat” mission statement isn’t going to wake up sleepy targets, and it’s not going to get them to a truly differentiated position or to marketing that matters. In brand discovery, we identify your points of difference, explore your vision and values, evaluate the competitive landscape and highlight key areas of company-customer overlap.

Brand discovery: the tough stuff gets you to the great stuff.

With a reputation for digging deeper while still keeping the conversation lively, I guide your team through exercises and discussions designed to bring your communication opportunities and challenges into high-relief. I help you cut through to the core of all of your marketing: your brand, your position & your message. But here’s the great thing: it’s not only incredibly valuable from a marketing perspective, but the brand discovery process itself can serve to revitalize teams and herald innovation.

Discover a more definitive approach to brand discovery. Have a chat with celebrated brand strategist Scott today: 310.826.8518.

He demonstrated an unflappable dedication to building our service brand.
Janeene de Martinez, Former Assistant Director of Transportation, Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus

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