Healthcare domain names, pharmaceutical names, wellness names: just what the doctor ordered.

In healthcare & wellness marketing, the right domain or healthcare name turbocharges all of your other marketing and sales initiatives. That’s why your healthcare names or pharmaceutical naming services company needs to include top level domain names for sale that have been pre-registered for your convenience.

The slideshow presentation above represents current healthcare names, wellness names, drug names and pharmaceutical domain names for sale.

To submit your bid on these domain names for sale or for any other inquiries regarding healthcare marketing or naming your healthcare products and services, please contact scott (at) articulatedbrands (dot) com.

Don’t see the top level domain name for sale you were looking for?

You may not need the big, fancy brand naming agency to provide the healthcare marketing and product naming services for which you are looking. Articulated Brands® would like to talk to you about how thinking smaller when it comes to your choice of creative providers could be a blockbuster move for your company.

>>> For more on patient-friendly healthcare names, have a performance-enhancing yet drug-free chat with Scott today. And let’s turn what’s in your pipeline into what’s on their lips: 310.826.8518.

The American Marketing Association provides research and publications for healthcare marketers which you can access by clicking on the preceding link.

Between the print ads and the infographics, we’re getting four times as many inquiries as we were this time last year.
Jennie Lee, Marketing Operations Manager, Perceptics

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