E-tips. (Like Q-tips, but it’s okay to put these in your ear.)

For the greatest success in your email marketing campaigns, I advice my marketing consulting clients:

  1. Ask for permission. For when I’m serving as your marketing consultant, it helps ensure relationships with ISP’s (a key to quality delivery) remain at the A+ level. And with consumers becoming more finicky about what they read, building a true permission-based list is more important than ever.
  2. Get into their address books.
    Want to know the secret to reaching the inbox? It’s the Address Book. Get in there, and you’re more likely to bypass any filters and show up just the way you want. Remind your audience members to add you to their address book (or white list or safe senders list) every chance you get.
  3. Give your emails both style and substance.
    Thanks to this system for my marketing agency clients now it’s easier than ever to create emails that are attractive and enticing. Furthermore, a good copywriter can help you structure your content, capturing the flavor of your brand while at the same time incorporating both the meat of your message and supporting your overall strategy. Creative content also helps put you on their “gotta read it” short list.
  4. Send with delivery in mind.
    Before your emails can be read and responded to, they have to be seen. That’s why we make sure your emails are sent in a way that’s designed to ensure high delivery rates – through personalized delivery, sophisticated delivery policies, and ISP relationships. And it’s why we offer you the tools to proof your campaign’s content prior to send-off and to see the complete results once sent.
  5. Use (really use) the subject line.
    Arguably the most important single line of any email, the subject line is your two-second opportunity to catch someone’s eye and convince them to stop and look. Even a freelance copywriter with email copywriting experience will vow you with the myriad ways there are to craft an engaging subject line.
  6. Know your audience.
    The key to creating appealing content is to really know the group to whom you’re communicating. Use your signup screens and database to collect information about who they are, where they live, and what they like. Enlist your recipients’ help to keep that information fresh and current.
  7. Tailor your message.
    It’s all about creating smaller, more targeted mailings based on your recipients’ demographics, interests and more. The more timely, relevant and personal you can make it, the better. Again, an experienced email marketing company or professional email copywriter should be able to develop a creative pitch that shows you how you can breathe life into your creative email campaigns.
  8. Handle opt-outs immediately.
    It’s common courtesy. Also, it’s the law. The Can-Spam Legislation grants you 10 days to handle opt-out requests, but in the world of email 10 days is an eternity. That’s why this marketing consultant’s opt-out feature handles requests instantly and remembers those requests to prevent against accidental abuse.
  9. Understand (and use) your results.
    Tracking metrics like receipts, bounces, opens, clicks, forwards and signups is the first step to understanding what’s happening to your emails. But those numbers are more than just metrics — they’re your audience talking to you. Not with real voices, because that’d be weird, but through their actions (or inaction). Listen to what they’re saying and then apply it to your future emails and email marketing campaigns.
  10. Experiment and adapt.
    Like most things, email marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. So, start with a basic plan, apply your philosophy, brand strategy and style, and adapt as you go.

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