Short and Snappy Versus Long Copywriter Portfolio Examples

Short, snappy headlines sizzle… but you need to see long-form copywriter portfolio examples, too.

One of the reasons I initially decided to opt for a long copy site (in addition to SEO), was because too many freelance copywriter portfolio sites (and agency portfolio sites, come to think of it) lend themselves more to the short and snappy. Big fan of the short and snappy. Have dedicated years and sleepless nights to them. Perhaps this is what most of us think of when we think about best-in-breed advertising copywriting. Thank you, Don Draper. That’s why you’ll see plenty of these examples scattered throughout the site and at the top of every page. But my plan for the next 1, 2 or 100 blog posts is to put long-form copy front and center.

Does the ability to write long copy even matter these days?

For me, it’s the ability to organize and structure a sale that separates the copy fanboys and fangirls from the proven marketing men and women. Even when this kind of think-through stays mostly in the background… even when, quite frankly, many won’t even bother to read the copy, it’s there for those who need it. And guess what? That small pool of those who need it tends to overlap overwhelmingly with the segment of those with the greatest purchasing likelihood. Especially true in B2B, but relevant to consumer brands, too, who truly want to be three-dimensional and forge tighter customer bonds, long copy not only has a place. It’s a rarified place. More importantly, the ability to write it, whether for your immediate needs or not, demonstrates some skills that transcend even big picture ideation and wordsmithery.

1. Bake the cake. 2. Frost it. 3. Yes, in that order.

When I look at what passes for branding and creative work-product, too often I see half-baked cakes. I see brands built atop less-than optimized positions. I sometimes see big, agency-level concepts, which, admittedly, answer to my first criterion: did we capture attention? But, as if crossing that first hurdle weren’t challenging enough, we, as marketers, then have a few more miles to run. How do we then take that rapt attention and then use the next five seconds… and then the next five seconds… to solidify the sale?  Those who’ve been to the rodeo before know messaging holds a very special seat at the marketing and business development tables. That’s why I’m dedicating this next series of blog posts to long copy examples. Let me be fully transparent with you: they won’t all be textbook terrific. But showing you the steak behind the sizzle is what these long-from copywriter portfolio examples are all about.

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