Why email marketing? Why this email marketing company?

Articulated Brands’ email marketing system was developed with you in mind. More importantly, you can add custom email marketing to your media mix for under $100 a month! A quick re-cap of the reasons why email marketing is going to be one of your favorite outreach tactics:

The Interface

Articulated Brands®’ intuitive interface makes even the most sophisticated email-marketing features easy for anyone to use, saving you time and effort and allowing you to let non-technical staff members help you manage your lists, content and account.

The Flexibility of It All

From signup screens and database fields to campaign templates and content, there’s little about our service that can’t be customized to suit your particular projects and process.

The Relationship

Should you require more support in terms of strategic messaging or creative content, your “membership” locks in special rates on email copywriting services, email design services and email marketing consulting.

The Custom Designs

Whether you ask us to translate your existing paper letterhead to e-stationery or to add more pop and flair to your brand, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind piece of e-stationery that helps you get noticed. While template systems achieve an economy of scale, they do little to differentiate, impact or impress. Too many companies today go running after the cheapest email marketing solutions provider they can find without considering the shape and status of their existing brand. It’s imperative to “stay in their faces”, but it’s just as imperative that the impression you make is a polished, professional, powerful one.

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