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Articulated Brands' strategy, naming & copywriting are all about connecting your business with its customers.
Website copywriter & brand strategist, Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands, Los Angeles
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Startup? Small business? Big business?

Doesn’t matter.

If it’s YOUR business, I make it my business to help! With simply irresistible freelance copywriter, branding & company naming services. So you can be simply irresistible to your targets. Because if increasing leads, revenues and market share are your driving forces … this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Greater leads. Greater revenues. Greater oomph!

Why bother finding and hiring one of the best freelance copywriters, brand consultants and company namers? Well, just ask yourself:  how much better would your business be if your targets truly understood and were excited about your unique value? If you’re serious about accelerating the pace of business growth, I help B2C and B2B companies of every size and industry unleash their hidden marketing potential, increasing the impact of their messaging and creating enduring value for their brands. Yay!

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Freelance copywriting, brand consulting and company naming agency services for people who refuse to accept “good enough”

Freelance brochure & website copywriter. Branding consultant. New business name pro. These are my three specialty areas, and, as the saying goes, I’m not sure whether I chose them or they chose me. For the past twenty years, I’ve applied this unique combination of analytic and creative talents to startups, small businesses, established enterprises and all the way up to the recognizable brand names. One reason I’ve done them so well is because they’re really all offshoots of one central challenge:  how can I better connect you to the people who matter most to your success? Whether serving as a freelance brochure and SEO web copywriter, a branding consultant, and especially when providing positioning consulting and company naming agency services, I’ve set my marketing work apart by setting my clients’ companies apart.

Good for me. Good for them. But even better for you!

Based in Los Angeles, my freelance copywriter services are valued by clients of every size and every imaginable industry because:

  • You leverage 20 years’ marketing experience: my reputation is for concepts that command target attention and charismatic copy that endears them to your brand
  • Together, we proudly proclaim your leadership and powerfully articulate the things your targets most need to hear — hip-pocketed messaging specialist, at your service
  • You have more to show for your marketing efforts because I worry more about cracking your sale, target psychology, and making you sound uniquely enthralling than I do about making you sound like a poet or an industry parrot
  • Website copywriter and freelance marketing writer services include all types of marketing collateral: SEO web copy, digital marketing and advertising, branding brochures, capabilities brochures, sales sheets and one-sheets, displays and trade show materials. I also help write executive biographies, press releases and more.
  • Some of my specific industry experience is profiled in the portfolio. If you came here trying to find a manufacturing copywriter, a technology copywriter, a healthcare copywriter or a financial services copywriter, gimme a shout!
  • Do you have questions about your marketing, a specific communications project or my work as a Los Angeles freelance copywriter? I’m easy to reach and easy to talk to! Just call: 310.826.8518

My brand strategy & message-centric branding® agency services:

  • Increase clarity and focus for greater marketing performance, greater business development and greater brand alignment throughout the organization
  • Protect your branding and marketing dollars because we ground your brand development in the practical fundamentals of position and message
  • Dig deeper into both your brand and your business with brand discovery exercises that illuminate and inspire
  • Help CMO’s, marketing directors and startup entrepreneurs humanize their brands and dimension-alize their core values by drawing out key functional and emotional benefits
  • Give you the tools you need to hold brand design, your corporate identity and other brand deliverables to a more definitive set of strategic standards
  • Do you have questions about your brand, re-branding or my work as a Los Angeles brand strategist and brand consultant? From through brand assessments and brand discovery to hourly consultations, I’m here to help you get ahead further, faster. Get me on the phone right now:  310.826.8518

Experience company naming agency and business names consultant services that:

  • Consistently deliver and display higher standards of positioning & branding savvy
  • Defy expectations — clients are amazed and astounded by both the discipline of my business and product naming process and the abundance of on-strategy options they’re given
  • Tickle the imagination, pique curiosity and boldly differentiate your company
  • Don’t throw too many words like “verbal branding” and “dipthong” at you. You want a killer name, not a lecture on nomenclature. (On the other hand, if you enjoy talking phonetics, mnemonics and metaphorical shop, I’m happy to say “shwa, oomlat and synechdoche” just as many times as you need me to.)
  • Can also include company taglines, themelines and product positioning lines that are a few thousand pounds more impacting than the cutesy slogans you see so often on the web these days
  • Do you have questions about how company naming firms work or need help naming or re-naming your brand, business, product or service? You’ll be happy you chose to pick my brain: 310.826.8518

Need an extra jolt of confidence? Eyeball the testimonials and also feel free to check me out on LinkedIn.

>For an uplifting chat about upping your business performance, give your new pal, Los Angeles freelance brochure & web copywriter, brand consultant & naming company owner, Scott, a call today: 310.826.8518.

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