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Articulated Brands' strategy, naming & copywriting are all about connecting your business with its customers.
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The freelance web copywriter, brand consultant & company naming agency for the rest of us

Freelance copywriter. Brand consultant. Naming agency. It’s not what you call me that matters. What matters is whether your prospects and customers are calling you. For over two decades as an award-winning freelance marketing & web copywriter, branding consultant and company naming specialist, I’ve set my work apart by setting my clients’ companies apart. Good for me. Good for them. Great for you!

If increasing leads, revenues and market share are your driving forces:

1.  More likely than not, you do NOT need an agency

2.  But you do need more than a wordsmith, a pretty-maker, a company name hack or a content mill

3.  This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

When you unleash dormant marketing potential,  you go further, faster.

Just ask yourself: how much better would your business be if your targets truly understood and were excited about your unique value? But can a freelance copywriter, business naming or brand marketing consultant truly help you accelerate your growth? Depends. Upon his or her copy writing experience. Upon whether the brand consulting is grounded in positioning strategy and pragmatic business development fundamentals. Upon whether he or she has the proven ability to help you triumph over the common pitfalls of branding, marketing, business names & company naming. When you want to communicate with unprecedented impact, my reputation is for digging deeper into a company’s vision, values, positioning and key messages. So you can finally bring your greatness up to the surface. So your prospects can see it, hear it, feel it, and be moved by it!

Greater leads, revenues and market share demand greater thoughtfulness.

If you’re serious about accelerating the pace of business growth, my work as a print and web copywriter, brand zealot and naming agency creative director help you better clarify, crystallize and communicate your core promises. I help you connect better with those that matter most to your success. Yay! I’m here to help you increase impact and effectiveness by guiding you to greater attention, authenticity, relevance, and resonance. I’m here to make sure your print & website copywriting, branding and your new company name make the world stand up, take notice and take action.

Let’s connect like never before. Let’s give your new pal, Los Angeles freelance copywriter, brand strategist and company naming consultant Scott, a call now: 310.826.8518.

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