You’ve got the vision. I give it voice.

Veteran branding marketing consultant. Clutch company naming consultant. Award-winning, freelance copywriter. There’s nothing I like more than helping people go after what they want. And knowing how to better connect with our customers, well, that sits at the very heart of your business. So, as you can imagine, I take this “brand messaging stuff” pretty seriously. Funny thing is…

The more seriously you take your brand, the more fun you can have.

Exuberance. Emotion. Simplicity. Wit. Please take a minute to check out some of the samples on this site. Knowing what to say and how to say it best aren’t just how you increase leads, revenue and market share. They’re how you build a robust, scalable, enduring brand. By identifying the core messages that define your position, promise and connective personality, we’re able to articulate the customer-facing messages that captivate and resonate. By celebrating your vision, your values and your other points of difference, we create unprecedented interest, understanding and excitement. That’s why entrepreneurs, marketing directors and even other agencies so enthusiastically endorse the brand messaging services I provide.


You’ve got the vision. Let’s make some noise.

Los-Angeles-freelance-branding-consultant-website-copywriter-company-naming-agency-consultant-Scott-Silverman-Articulated-BrandsWith a 20-year reputation for full-throttled business development support and high-octane creativity, let’s accelerate your growth. Let’s express a more vibrant, target-centric vision. Let’s eschew superficial branding and me-too marketing in favor of the brand strategies, websites, brochures and digital campaigns that command attention and summon engagement.

While everything’s fresh on your mind, how ’bout you and I have a quick, get-to-know-ya chat: 310.826.8518. I’m easy to reach. I’m easy to talk to. I’m the Los Angeles, CA brand consultant, company naming consultant and freelance website copywriter who helps Give your vision its voice™.

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Scott pays close attention to what we say during our consultations and always captures the essence. He is creative, a pleasure to deal with and manages to surprise us every time.
Leo Da Estrela, Managing Partner, Couture Media