When the messaging goes BOOM, so does the business.


Clarifying companies’ positioning and crystallizing their core messages are how I’ve helped set my clients apart for over 20 years. Imagine, you and I meeting like this!

Could be kismet.

(On the other hand, could just be Google.)

You’ve got the vision. Let’s make some noise.

By making every marketing communication a celebration of your vision and values , we create unprecedented interest, understanding and excitement. When you’re ready to forge deeper, more profitable target connections, I’m ready to give you all the attention you deserve.

Today: mere prospects. Tomorrow: sheer putty.

Let’s you and I have a get-to-know-ya chat today: 310.826.8518. You’ll go further, faster when you join forces with the Los Angeles, CA branding consultant, company naming consultant and website copywriter who helps Give your vision its voice™.


We often walk away from our meetings with Scott with two questions: 1) What would we do without Scott’s advice and his uncanny ability to wrap his head around any business, 2) How did one person get so much funny in them?
Donna & Shannon Freeman, HGTV stars, authors of "Seven Steps to Sold"
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