When the messaging goes BOOM, so does the business.


Clarifying companies’ positioning and crystallizing their core promises are how I’ve helped set my clients apart for over 20 years. Imagine, you and I meeting like this!

Could be kismet.

(On the other hand, could just be Google.)

Today: mere prospects. Tomorrow: sheer putty.

By making every marketing communication a celebration of your vision, values and key points of difference, we create unprecedented interest, understanding and excitement. That’s why small businesses, startup brands, big businesses and even other agencies, have so graciously provided testimonials on the web copywriter, brand consultant and company naming agency services I provide. 

You’ve got the vision. Let’s make some noise.

You’ll find me easy to reach and easy to talk to. I’m the Los Angeles, CA branding consultant, company naming consultant and website copywriter who helps Give your vision its voice™.

Let’s you and I have a get-to-know-ya chat today: 310.826.8518.


Creative, clear and concise.
Jonathan Schuster, VP, Premium Financial Services
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