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Website copywriter & brand strategist, Scott Silverman, Articulated Brands, Los Angeles
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Be bold. Be brief. Be simply irresistible.

This Los Angeles branding consultant, company namer & freelance web copywriter serves as your hip-pocketed brand messaging specialist.

Why go to the trouble of searching for, finding and then hiring one of the best freelance copywriters, brand consultants and company naming agencies? So you can be simply irresistible to your targets.

Clarity, impact and resonance… oh, my!

It’s all because my process recognizes the supremacy of positioning & messaging in breaking through, defining brand strategy and accelerating growth. I dig deeper into the business, its vision and values, and into its points of target intersect. And because you allow me to dig deeper, we forge deeper, more profitable target connections. This is how I’ve set my marketing work apart: by setting my clients’ companies apart.

Good for me. Good for them. But even better for you!

Beyond branding. Beyond words.

Having written copy for hundreds of companies across all print and digital media, and having consulted on the growth of dozens of brands, my reputation is for helping companies of every size and industry determine:

1) What to say

2) How to say it best

3) The right approach for nailing 1 & 2.

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Greater leads. Greater revenues. Greater oomph.

Increased strategic power in your core positioning & messaging leads to increased resonance leads to increased impact leads to increased marketing effectiveness leads to vacations in Bali.

Say it; don’t spray it.

If you can’t smartly, succinctly and seductively summarize your core promises… if those promises don’t proudly proclaim differentiated value, well, it’s not gonna be pretty. But do you know what is pretty? No, not me. What’s pretty is finally seeing your company express itself with human warmth, and often with wit and wisdom. What’s pretty is knowing the real value of your company’s products and services is finally getting through. Yay!

Because good enough… isn’t.

Just ask yourself:  how much better would your business and your marketing be if your targets truly understood and were excited about your unique value? That’s why I’m the writer, brand strategist and company naming expert for people who refuse to accept “good enough.” Together, we increase the strategic impact of your core positioning and messaging. We elevate your concepts and copy writing. We create scalable, sustainable, salable value for your brand. Though I’m based in Los Angeles, you can leverage my brand positioning, naming and copy writing experience, regardless of where you call home.

Big business? Small business? Startup?

Doesn’t matter. If it’s your business, I make it my business to help. If you’re serious about accelerating the pace of business growth, I’m equally as serious about helping you unleash your potential. If increasing leads, revenues and market share are your driving forces… this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!Need an extra jolt of confidence? Eyeball the client experience list, the testimonials and, by all means, let’s connect on LinkedIn.

You need to connect better? Copy that.

Copywriter. Brand strategist. New business name generator. As the saying goes, I’m not sure whether I chose these three specialty areas or they chose me. But one reason I’ve done them so well is because they’re all really offshoots of one central challenge:  how can I better connect you to the people who matter most to your success? You’ll find my specific strategic and creative answers to that question in the brand consultant and copywriter portfolio samples spread throughout the various pages of this website — the copywriting, branding and graphic design pages, for example. You can see even more branding examples, website copy writing examples, print advertising and marketing collateral and brochure copywriter on the B2B & B2C PORTFOLIO PAGES.

>>>For an uplifting chat about upping performance, give your new pal, freelance Los Angeles marketing copywriter, branding consultant and naming company owner, Scott, a call: 310.826.8518.


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Incredibly valuable. Having now helped me better define and articulate the core messages in three different organizations, I can honestly say nobody brings as much business development/creative communications value to your table as Silverman & Articulated Brands.
Adam NelsonVice President & General Manager of OperationsUmbra Cuscinetti

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