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Los Angeles copywriter services at Articulated Brands® are all about helping companies match their leadership vision to just the right voice. Hallmark copywriting isn’t about ten-dollar words, nor is it about “the interesting word use-ments I structure” (credit to my comedy hero, Steve Martin.) Expert copywriting is about raising your voice and, more importantly, knowing what needs to be said to connect you to your buying public. Here, we specialize in marketing copywriting that elevates, differentiates and connects you more meaningfully. More inspiring copywriting… imagine that!

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Can you believe it? Form and Function have finally reunited. And look who else just got back together: it’s Style & Substance! Marketing copywriting never looked or sounded any better. Combining experienced writing talent with broader branding and positioning expertise, we tell your story with gusto.

Copywriting is serious business. Except, of course, when it isn’t.

Even in serious B2B marketing environments, nobody’s looking back. Why? Because if they don’t enjoy reading it, they aren’t going to enjoy YOU very much. Los Angeles copywriter Scott Silverman (yours truly) is known for warmth, wit and the use of creative copywriting approaches that bring emotion and human personality to both B2C and B2B brands.

The right website copywriter makes your brand virtually unstoppable.

Say goodbye to the words-by-the-pound copywriter. Hit control + alt + delete on the noob, the hobbyist and that jaded journalist who calls himself a website copywriter. For a truly one-of-a-kind website, say hello to a real copywriter. First, I’ll ensure we’ve nailed the substance of your Sale and organized it properly for a seamless user experience. The, I’ll add inimitable style by peppering your brand story with personality and panache. SEE MORE WEB COPY SAMPLES

Hired gun: have pen, will travel.

I’ve made it a personal vow to rid the world of vanilla marketing these past 25 years. Whether you need a marketing copywriter for a print campaign, a product or promotional brochure or for a long-form capabilities brochure… if you’ve got something important to say, I’m going to help you shout it from the hilltops.


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Do all great copywriters work for the big advertising agencies?

Advertising agency experience helps copywriters grow their creative and conceptual abilities. Small business experience tends to grow a copywriter’s salesmanship and client service skills. Both require natural writing talent, empathy, relentless ideation, and a willingness to incorporate feedback. Dozens of outstanding copywriters work outside traditional marketing and advertising agencies, many of whom went freelance after honing their craft by working on larger accounts in advertising or marketing agency settings. These freelance copywriters often serve in a role akin to scribe or speechwriter, acting as the owner’s or marketing director’s “mouthpiece,” developing their websites, print advertisements, brochures, articles, landing pages, email campaigns, whitepapers, etc.

Are there any small business copywriting agencies in Los Angeles?

Articulated Brands® offers small business copywriting agency services to startups and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and across the U.S. Small businesses are technically defined as those with under $40M in revenue.

If I need to hire a copywriter, how do I know if the copywriter is any good?

When you need to hire a copywriter, please remember: there’s no degree or certificate of competency required for the profession. These days, courtesy of the Internet, anybody who can form a sentence (and many who cannot) are calling themselves copywriters. When hiring a copywriter or copywriting agency, it’s their portfolio of prior work on which you’re banking. Worry less about whether he/she has experience in your business arena (that’s your specialty); decide instead whether the depth and breadth of experience and the styles and voice range demonstrated in the portfolio meet your standards.

Why should I hire a professional copywriter?

Larger companies and agencies hire professional copywriters because their writers not only need to say what needs to be said, they need to say it in just the right way – in the voice of the brands for whom they’re working. For smaller businesses, there’s a difference between writing that college thesis paper of yours and writing your company’s website. Objectivity and creativity constitute two primary benefits to hiring a copywriter. Other benefits include the copywriter’s ability to organize, distill and simplify information, his or her understanding of what works best in each medium, his or her ability to translate dense, technical jargon into clean, persuasive prose, etc.

What does it cost to hire a copywriter?

If you’re limiting your search to bona fide professionals in major markets, expect to pay $75-100 per hour for a freelance copywriter with less than 10 years’ experience, $120-150 per hour for more proven talent. Copywriting agency rates tend to be at the upper end of the freelance rate, due to markup, supervision and, often, additional strategic support of the client.

Okay, but is it copywriter or copy writer, copywriting or copy writing?

The widespread use of the industry terms copywriter and copywriting have made them perfectly acceptable. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with the spellings of copy writer and copy writing, but language is constantly evolving. Though some style guides may prefer them, the two-word versions aren’t nearly as popular.


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