Love them. Mean it.

People who want to make more of a genuine impact won’t stand for superficial, cosmetic definitions of branding.

To stand apart, they know they’ve got to stand up, both for their customers and for what truly matters. So, I help them get focused on my 4 P’s of enduring brand success:


Position & message are the two most powerful tools of leverage anybody will ever have. Unfortunately, they are widely misunderstood and massively underutilized. Different than other branding consultants and branding agencies, around here, it’s Position & Message, front and center. It’s Position & Message, for the win.

Strike at the very heart of Customer Creation

When you know you’re sitting on untapped potential… when getting your vision across is priority Numero Uno… Message-Centric Branding® digs deeper into the core of your customer: company overlaps. So you can build the seeds of resonance into your very foundation. So you can be a stronger connector.

Branding, Naming, Design & Copywriting Agency Services:

Make Some Noise

See brand consultant & branding agency examples that position their companies as outspoken leaders in their fields.

See company naming agency examples that make
your name the one name to know.

See copywriting agency examples. When it’s time to get the word out, we communicate with clarity and charisma. After all, why proselytize when you can galvanize?

See graphic design agency examples that not only make you look good, they make you look smart.


With an uncommon blend of theory and pragmatism, Mr. Silverman steered Downtown Diversion into unexplored and productive areas… Time and money well spent… we should have done it earlier.”

-Tom Blank, Division Manager
Waste Management, Inc.

“Name dropping is tacky,”
I whispered to Moses.


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