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Branding consultant services at Articulated Brands® include everything from brand assessments and brand discovery to brand strategy and brand development work, but it’s my Message-centric Branding® approach that sets my clients apart.

A more powerful brand sits just beneath the surface.

People serious about unleashing their true potential resist superficial, cosmetic definitions of branding. They want to connect more deeply, so they’re digging more deeply. Into themselves, their purpose and their principles.  And into their targets’ hearts and minds.

Scott’s strategic approach to branding goes beyond finding a great name and tagline to identifying the core of your differentiated value props and effectively telling your story. Scott is amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs. He enabled us as a small company to develop an enterprise-class brand quickly and within our budget.

-Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

“Name dropping is tacky,”
I whispered to moses.

Experience the joy of breaking through:

Invigorate your vision with
fresh focus.


Market and communicate with clarity. 


Lead with simplicity and brand with purpose.


Usher in a more meaningful brand experience.


Think strategically versus tactically, so you can get ahead further, faster, and save gobs of time and money.


And, oh yeah, it’s kinda fun to work with someone who cracks a decent joke (Tuesdays, 10-11).


Success isn’t a solo sport.

When you genuinely want to increase your impact and your influence, it’s not only outstandingly valuable to have an objective, fresh perspective on your team, it’s necessary. Message-centric Branding® helps people “up” their business, marketing, personal and professional leadership because it follows the same performance pattern we see in every other area of life, from sports, science and the arts to business, family, community, and philanthropy:







Message-centric Branding® helps you get clear on the vision you have for your customers. First, them. Then, you. (All the good stuff flows from there. You can read more about this in my upcoming book, “Leadership Sucks, Do it Anyway”.)

Message-centric Branding® helps you get focused on your position, purpose, principles, and personality – the things that genuinely set you apart, meaningfully and enduringly.

And because you know getting others on-board is paramount, Message-centric Branding® increases the intensity around your positioning and core messaging. Because knowing how get your vision across can be daunting, it helps to have a roadmap for how you’re going to:


Message-centric Branding® provides you that roadmap.





  360 brand assessments, brand discovery & brand strategy

  Expedited positioning consulting services for the <1MM business Outsourced

  Chief Branding Officer services for the >1MM business

  Ad hoc or full-on brand messaging and brand strategy consulting for CMOs and marketing directors

  Marketing strategy & planning for smaller businesses

  One-on-one brand/business support for CEOs, entrepreneurs and other professionals

  Brand development and creative services (naming, copywriting & graphic design)

 Messaging critiques & copy consulting


What does a brand consultant do?

A brand consultant who specializes in brand image may guide your choice of color and typography, materials, etc. A brand consultant who specializes in brand strategy immerses more deeply into the business, guiding the company toward communication and marketplace opportunities that will solidify the company’s reputation, increase its strength and further differentiate it from competitors. Both types of consultant may also offer guidance on such things as experiential design, employee communications, your broader marketing plan, budget and tactics, etc.

What does a brand strategy agency do?

A brand strategy agency helps you identify and carve out the most robust brand position for your company or the most salient thrust for your marketing campaign. The brand strategy consultant functions much more like a business development partner, helping the company refine its Unique Value Proposition and ensuring its vision, values and points of difference are made clear. Brand strategy agencies often review company sales data, prior communications, available target research and conduct interviews with those both inside and outside the company in order to establish a brand or communications brief that provides precise objectives for the creative team.

What are brand assessments?

Brand assessments or brand audits are reports that attempt to determine the health of your brand in the eyes of your brand expert. Prior to rebranding, it is essential to know what is and isn’t working in your current brand strategy and all of your various brand expressions.

What is brand discovery?

Brand discovery is the collective term for the series of immersive steps your brand strategist, brand consultant or brand agency follow in order to discover some unique, essential truths about what makes you special and why people should care. Brand discovery commonly includes briefing questionnaires, competitive analysis, on-site tours and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders, guided conversation and creative exercises. Some creative exercises utilized in brand discovery include: SWOT, collage, empathy mapping, and the like.

Do any Los Angeles branding agencies specialize in small business?

Los Angeles branding agency Articulated Brands® has the experience to be uniquely qualified when it comes to the needs of small business, entrepreneurs and startups.

How is Message-centric branding® different from ordinary branding?

Message-centric branding® is different than most branding practices in that it prioritizes the role messaging plays in connecting businesses to their targets. It is an approach that:

1) Puts the customer first and views customer creation as everybody’s job.

2) Prioritizes position over brand.

3) Defines a brand not by “who it is” but by its company: customer overlaps.

4) Elevates resultant design and copy work by identifying tighter strategic parameters.

5) When it does come to the more abstract and ethereal aspects of branding, it equips companies with a personality matrix designed to breathe human life into the organization.

By distilling a company down to the pillars of its connective essence, Message-centric Branding® seeks to deliver companies a platform designed not only to increase communications clarity, impact and effectiveness but to serve as an instrument of focus and direction for leadership and the entire enterprise.


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