Brand strategist, copywriter and company naming nut Scott Silverman helps you turn it up to Eleven.

Brand strategist and brand consultant. Copywriter. Company naming consultant. I’ve got lots of titles, but title-schmitle, please just call me Scott. What does matter is that you decided to pop in on me like this. Thank you! To get to know me, kindly excuse that silly photo.

Picture this instead:

Start with a guy who’s always been a bit preoccupied with the defining of things… strange, I know.

Now, give that born marketing cynic a helpful spirit, a fertile imagination, and an innate desire to unleash both business and human potential… and immerse him into the world of marketing for 25 years.

How do I help companies and people grow?

By helping them unlock and unleash potential.  How do I help you harness dormant potential?  By more precisely defining the opportunity and your unique connections to it.

Together, we achieve greater focus, clarity, and impact. And we do it with something I like to call:



  • AT&T
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Capital One
  • Discus Dental
  • DTS
  • EQ: The Environmental Quality Company
  • Five Hour Energy
  • Florida Physician’s Insurance Corporation
  • Gander Mountain
  • Gottschalk’s
  • Great Eastern Energy
  • Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue for Vistakon)
  • Kinecta
  • Lasco Bathware
  • LG Electronics
  • Morley Builders
  • Motel 6
  • North American International Auto Show
  • Quality Farm & Fleet
  • QuickStuff
  • TOMY
  • UCLA Anderson PhD Program
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • UCSD School of Public Policy
  • UCSF Institue for Regenerative Medicine
  • Umbra Cuscinetti
  • World Golf Village

Message-centric Branding®. Because how you define things has EVERYTHING to do with the results you get.

With Message-centric Branding®, we define branding not as solely as a communications platform but as an instrument of business development focus. And we define the opportunity sitting before us as nothing less than how do we help you become a more effective customer creator:

1. What is the strongest position we can leverage to help you achieve more?

2. How can we define our customer and opportunity overlaps so we can communicate and operate more powerfully and more meaningfully?

Message-centric Branding® spells it all out in black and white.
So you connect in living color.



Big picture. Tenacious. Supportive. The time I spent with Scott Silverman proved invaluable on every level and was an investment that continues to bear fruit.

-Florence Haridan, Former VP – User Experience, Citibank NA

“Name dropping is tacky,”
I whispered to moses.


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Brand-Building Approach
Entrepreneurs Value Most

Who works with Los Angeles branding, company naming & copywriting agency Articulated Brands®?

It’s not about industry and it’s not about company size. It’s about people. Finding the right fit. I actively seek out those who aren’t afraid to engage, to both teach and learn, and to laugh. Disruptors, and those aspiring to be, are my cup of tea.

For many smaller businesses and startups, Articulated Brands® serves as your hip-pocketed, scrappy hack; it’s how you get global brand strategy agency caliber service, for half the money… or less.

Brand strategy and creative services: what to say and how to say it best.


After a career creating customer connections for companies of every size and stripe, I founded Articulated Brands® in 2007. My client experience includes almost every industry imaginable, with sizes ranging from pre-revenue to funded startup to the Fortune 500. Since then, Articulated Brands® has carved out a niche with its ability to connect, relate to and often work directly with entrepreneurs and business principals.

Whether serving as “Outsourced Chief Branding Officer & Copywriter” and supporting marketing departments in their non-stop mission to communicate with greater precision and personality… or working confidentially, one-on-one with CEOs, entrepreneurs and others to help them optimize, using brand as a tool of focus… together, we increase impact, influence, and performance.





What does a brand marketing consultant do?

A brand marketing consultant works to ensure the company is carving out the right perceptions to influence Sales: those that align with target needs and wants, capitalize on marketplace opportunities and widen the competitive moat.

Why is it important to be an Articulated Brand?

The importance of being a well-articulated brand has long been taught in business schools and marketing textbooks. The fundamental importance has less to do with eloquence or vibrancy of voice, though these are brand-building tools, as well. The real importance has more to do with ensuring the company is carving out a distinct identity in the marketplace. Knowing who the business is for, what it is and what it is not put a finer point on company marketing and business development activities. When something is articulated, it has defined connecting points. When these connecting points are precise and aligned with the opportunity, the brand can operate and express itself with greater clarity and focus.

What is branding?

Branding is defined and practiced in many different ways, but the simplest definition is this: branding is the business equivalent of an individual’s reputation. The sum total of things a company does to enhance how it is perceived and the value of those perceptions constitute its branding efforts. Branding efforts work to unify and support all other business functions, giving them a distinctive “home” in the hearts and minds of targets, employees, the greater public, etc.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation is how companies set themselves apart in the marketplace. 7-Up® differentiated itself simply by not being a cola drink. Coke® and Pepsi®, less fundamentally different, seek to differentiate themselves through brand image and advertising.

What is positioning?

Positioning is how a company sets the stage for sales. Are you the biggest? The best? The low-cost leader? The one with the most reliable products? The one who stays open later? Hertz® was the category leader, which translated into trust and availability. Avis® embraced their second-fiddle status with a promise of “We try harder,” essentially a service claim. That’s an example of smart positioning.

What is a Unique Value Proposition?

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) clarifies a company’s position by spelling out the uniqueness of the targets it exists for, including their unique needs and wants, and how the company’s demonstrated uniqueness renders them the one, best choice. Often, an exercise such as SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) will help inform the development of a strong UVP. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) serves the same objectives and functions at the products and services level.

Do any Los Angeles branding agencies specialize in small business marketing?

Los Angeles branding agency Articulated Brands is one such company that specializes in the strategic marketing and creative services needs of small businesses.


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