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Graphic design is a business tool. That’s why Articulated Brands® defines beauty a little bit differently. Tighter creative briefs and an experienced, sophisticated aesthetic provide you the perfect combination of form and function. Logos that make their mark. Websites that keep them clicking. Genuine business problem-solving graphic design. It’s a beautiful thing!


Turn heads. Change minds.


If you’ve got designs on increasing perceptions of value, commanding more target attention and fostering greater prospect affinity, only real graphic design can exert a real influence. The advantage of working with Articulated Brands® is that you not only get world-class brand positioning and copywriting services, you also get logo design and web design from some of the best graphic design talent available anywhere.

Website design: sites for sore eyes

You’ve got less than 6 seconds to capture their attention and make that all-important first impression. How can we show your web visitors that the experience in store is worthy of their time? Everything matters: from site architecture and menu design to graphics, content, and your CTAs. First, rely on a proven strategic process that better identifies your key messages, your objectives and the experience we need to be creating. Then, convert your “sale on paper” into an outline of your site architecture with a page-by-page breakdown or a wireframe, even if it’s rough. Only then, can you dig into design in earnest.


1.   Arrests surfers’ attention, especially on mobile.
2.  Makes sure your difference is glaringly obvious.
3.  Increases interest, understanding and meaning so they remain engaged.
4. Elevates perceptions of value.
5.  Guides visitors through pre-defined journeys to pre-defined action steps.

Logo design and brand design for sophisticated marketers

Logo design and brand design, when in the hands of genuine graphic design talent, combine and balance shape, color, typography and symbology to begin telling your authentic brand story. True, your logo may be seen as the face of your company. But for a business to succeed, it needs more than makeup. It needs work that better connects it to its targets. Only the most thoughtful work builds stronger brands. That’s why sophisticated marketers rely on a proven strategic process for creating outstanding logo design and brand design.

More vetting means less fretting.

Articulated Brands® only collaborates with the most seasoned top designers. They’ve proven their ability to create winning websites, memorable marks and distinctive identity suites by creatively interpreting the precise objectives in their strategic briefs. So you can embrace your brand design project with confidence, curiosity and excitement. So your customers will stop and take notice. So you can beam with pride.


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Brand-Building Approach
Marketers Value Most

Incredibly valuable. Having now helped me better define and articulate the core messages in three different organizations, I can honestly say nobody brings as much business development / creative communications value to your table as Silverman & Articulated Brands®.

-Adam Nelson, Vice President & General Manager of Operations, Umbra Cuscinetti

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I whispered to moses.




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What is graphic design?

Graphic design is art with a commercial intent, with specific objectives to entice, engage and inform the buying public. Graphic design is the organization, simplification and presentation of information and ideas in a visual manner that is effective, encapsulating, connective and distinctive.

Are all graphic designers website designers?

No, not all graphic designers work as website designers and not all graphic designers are logo or brand identity designers. Package design and presentation design are two more specialty areas that often require years of experience. The need for user-friendly, mobile-friendly website design has created yet two more niche specialties: UX, user experience, and UI, user interface, design.

What is brand design?

Brand design includes the conceptualization, development and execution of your fundamental elements of your brand identity. Brand design also pertains to how well these pieces communicate your distinct brand promise to your various audiences; your logo, business cards and stationery package, website look/feel, signage, and other key art all constitute key elements of brand design.

What is the process for creating good design?

Creating good design is a process that begins with stating the problem (the objectives) cleanly. Drawing upon experience, target empathy and insight, he or she will challenge the answers in your brief so as to guide you toward a tighter definition of what you need. Equipped with relevant information, direction, and inspiration, a designer’s process must also allow them time to immerse deeply into the project and the freedom to explore multiple paths. Typically, initial designs are developed and presented to solicit client or creative director feedback, with the goal of narrowing the focus to the one that should be refined for final adoption and use.

But isn’t design subjective?

Art and aesthetics are wholly subjective, whereas strategic graphic design serves a commercial purpose and therefore must hold itself to a higher bar. While one can never truly leave the realm of subjectivity, the more one lets go of personal taste and grounds the design work in his or her brand pillars, the better off the business will be. For example, you may not have a fondness for McDonald’s® logo, but most of us will agree it is simple and cheery, that the red and yellow command attention and that the golden arches are uniquely memorable. The Nike® swoosh may not strike your personal fancy, but it definitely indicates movement and it does so in a simple, different yet easily recognizable way. Happy design clients are those whose love for their new logos and websites follows a certain hierarchy: 1) They love what the new design is going to do for the business – better connect it, differentiate it, etc., and then 2) They love how it makes them feel personally.


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