Q: How are Scott Silverman and Articulated Brands different from other Los Angeles branding agencies, brand consultants, or copywriters?

A: We lead with position and message. We differentiate with strategic brand development and consistently cool company naming. Scott is more business-minded and pragmatic in his brand marketing counsel. As a copywriter, he has distinguished himself for helping companies breakthrough with relevant and innovative ideas, warmth and an abundance of humor.

Q: What types of companies does Articulated Brands serve?

A: Because he chose early on in his career not to focus on any one industry but in the more specialized realms of messaging and positioning, he serves an incredibly diverse roster of clientele. With a split about 50% B2B, 40% B2C and 10% non-profits and others he gives funded start-ups the platforms they need to succeed long-term and serves large, established companies by refining their brand strategies and re-inventing their messaging. If you value candor, extreme thoughtfulness and humor, you’ve got the right guy.

Q: What’s Articulated Brands’ track record?

A: While I’d be foolish to guarantee results (and you’d be foolish to believe me) what I’ve promised and delivered these past two decades is a higher standard of business development commitment and, the natural outgrowth of that a higher degree of strategic brand-building concepts, copy and counsel. Precious few can survive for this long in such a competitive industry without this devotion to clients’ success.

Scott’s reputation and his track record speak to his ability to get companies’ marketing dollars working smarter. To see some of his most impressive, quantifiable results, please see his bio (redirect there with link). Almost without exception, clients report a success and an approach to marketing greater than anything they’d ever experienced, in-house or out-.

Q: Why do some people seem to invest so heavily into marketing when it seems like such a crapshoot?

If you’re in business, you’re in marketing. The business not engineered for Sales is the business engineered to fail. This is why I try to build your sales truths, often informed by you or your VP of Sales, into the very foundation of your brand. Of all the things a business can invest in – file cabinets, a spine-friendly office chair, a piece of capital equipment or into its ability to connect with the people who feed its coffers, which of these is at least the most likely to exert the largest influence on its cash flow and its future success?

Define the market place need, define your unique answer to the need and everything else becomes the challenge of connecting you with those you exist to serve. The more impacting and efficient your marketing strategies, the greater your success. I live and breathe to serve clients who understand the ability to create customer connections (whether through sales, marketing or, most beautifully, the combination thereof) is the number one determinant of growth rate and ultimate success.

Q: But you’re a Los Angeles brand marketing consultant and copywriter, while I’m sitting here in Hoboken. How the heck are you able to pull that off?

A: These days, face-to-face meetings are just as unlikely were we to be in the same city. One successful assignment may lead to another or to multiple referrals, so I’m always motivated to exceed your expectations. Of course, I am available for on-site work in Los Angeles. Elsewhere, travel expenses and a per diem apply. But my experience and diligence enable me to serve as your Virtual Brand Positioning & Messaging Consultant or Copywriter, providing both sides an economy of scale. Also, it bears noting: I am the least “Los Angeles” person you will ever meet. Do you know that expression, “The last person to get a cell phone…?” That was me. A Midwest transplant (Detroit), how can you beat a place that refers to any day that isn’t 72 degrees and sunny as “experiencing some weather?”

Q: We’re an agency considering using you on a big pitch, but we don’t want to go too heavily out-of-pocket.

A: Depending on the agency, the nature of the client and pitch, I’m usually confident enough to split up-front risk in exchange for a defined, proportionate back-end reward. Gimme a call. Lemme know what’s up. And whether you needed it yesterday.

Q: Why and how did you become a brand-centric copywriter?

A: Being a copywriter these past twenty years has enabled me to tap both sides of my “split” Gemini personality. Being both highly analytical and extremely creative, it’s a strange life, so it feels good to be useful. Yes, that sounds corny, but it’s true. Also, the opportunity to immerse myself into a wide variety of businesses, to simultaneously teach and learn, and to infuse my work with humor whenever appropriate has proven to be a perfect fit for my personality.

Q: Why do companies and agencies often outsource their copywriting? Isn’t it a task best suited to those most familiar with the business itself?

A: One would think, but here’s the rub: as those closest to it, it’s often difficult to gain an objective perspective. It pays to have a fresh perspective supporting you because to effectively craft the sale, you can’t just think like the company. You’ve also got to think like the prospect. Of course, in matters of style, it also helps to have someone on call who can develop a selling concept, create an effective headline, turn a phrase or two and sprinkle body copy with engaging, motivating ideas.

Q: We’ve tried other copywriters. Somehow, they never quite “got it.”

A: Wish I could say I’ve never heard that before, but I have, and all too often. Most times it’s because the people calling themselves copywriters were something more along the lines of reporter, editor or linguist – all totally valuable things to be, but your business needs more – an adjunct to the sales team who just happens to be a communications specialist. Rule of thumb: beware of most puns and any derivative of the “Got Milk?” campaign.

Q: How is payment handled?

A: Check, credit cards, PayPal, equity arrangements, gold bullion, possibly BitCoin.

Scott pays close attention to what we say during our consultations and always captures the essence. He is creative, a pleasure to deal with and manages to surprise us every time.
Leo Da Estrela, Managing Partner, Couture Media

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