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(Name well. Name once. Just drop my name every once in a while. That’s all I ask.)

As a company naming consultant, I’m here to tell you:  you can’t put a “Notice Me” sign on everything. Not enough tape. That’s why you’ve gotta give your company and your products standout brand names instead. From our very first phone call, you’ll see achieving success in this high-bar niche requires even more than abundant creativity and branding experience. It takes someone who can balance the infinite world of possibilities with the finite world of strategic business objectives, time and budget. It’s coming through for people, time after time, that sets my work as a branding and naming consultant apart. 


More impact. More options. Less cheese.

Everybody’s going to have a few hits in their portfolio. But puns and innuendo only? Please! Greek and Latin derivatives only? C’mon, people! Even those “million monkeys typing Shakespeare” naming websites are bound to get lucky every once in a while. But that’s just the law of large numbers at work.

Looking for a good reason not to hire a million-dollar company naming agency? Here’s 22.


Harvest Waste™
Manifest Equity™
If Then Wow™
Wildfire Networking™
The Pawed Piper™
Perceptics Health™
Sequent Systems™


Shine Candles™
Libretto Espresso™
Smoky Joe™
Sentinel Series™
Passport Series™
IntelliToll Series™
FastPort Series™

Company naming agency & business names consultant testimonials:

“Scott’s strategic approach to branding goes beyond finding a great name and tagline. He’s amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs.” -Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

“Scott outperformed on every possible metric when we asked him to help us with the naming and branding for our product launch. I’ve worked with agencies that charge 10 times as much for inferior creativity. Hire Scott and his team and don’t look back. You won’t regret it.” -Tim Fillmore, Partner, Parfecta

“Scott has a great personality and is a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend you use his services from the get-go because the development and introduction of a brand to market is a true challenge.” -Shlomi Cohen, Managing Partner, Shine Candles

>>>Name with confidence. Name with gusto. Name with me. Get Los Angeles company naming consultant (brand names, product names, business names) Scott on the horn right now: 310.826.8518.


Small business names, startup names & product names that:

>Consistently demonstrate higher standards of positioning, business development & branding savvy

>Capture the genuine essence of the brand while making an indelible impression

>Pique curiosity and boldly differentiate your company

>Can include brand naming architecture, product and service naming conventions and other key components of your verbal brand identity, such as company taglines, theme lines and product positioning lines


•Tons of stuff for you on my blog about naming and the process

•I’m quoted here in an article in Investment News:

•Even the government advises small businesses, albeit briefly, on the importance of company names & business names:

•You should always check with your attorney regarding the availability and trademark clearance of a given company name, product name or service name. If you want to check on the availability of your company name ideas and product name ideas, the United States Patent & Trademark Office does provide a free name search tool.

•An interesting naming or re-naming wrinkle occurs when you are upgrading, relaunching or re-branding an existing product. For more on next generation product names, you may wish to click on the link to the 2011 Harvard Business Review article on 2.0 product naming.

•For in-depth custom branding research, brand naming research and market research, provides a compendium of quantitative and qualitative research service providers.

• had some interesting things to say, via Mike Trigg, on how to name or rename your business:

Scott’s approach goes beyond finding a great name and tagline to identifying the core of your differentiated value. Scott is amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs. He enabled us as a small company to develop an enterprise-class brand quickly and within our budget.  
Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

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Company Taglines


Company taglines, often called positioning lines, theme lines or slogans, when taken together with your name and logo, breathe life into your brand. By distilling your company down to its fundamental essence, you make it incredibly easy for prospects and clients to understand why you’re different and valuable.


You should never engage in a company taglines assignment or sign-off on one until you’ve solidified your positioning and tightened your creative brief. Why? Because you’re going to be living with it for a mighty long time. It’s gotta be good. Damn good. See 18 of my favorite hardworking company taglines here. >>> Company tagline copywriter

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The domain name remedy for what’s ailing ye

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