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As a company naming agency, picking favorites would be like choosing which of your kids you like best. (Sorry, Timmy.)

So, I’m not gonna pick a favorite company name. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. (Man, haven’t made that Bush-Carvey reference in ages!) Nope! Not gonna pick a favorite product name, either.
3 little pigs standing in a row, who had the better marketing or business development plan? Part Two

Genuine brand marketing consulting isn’t about tools of reach. It’s about unleashing your power to reach.

When you’re a little pig who is hungry (hunger, humility & people smarts – see Lencioni’s The Ideal Team Player) for increased leads, revenue and market share, it doesn’t take long to recognize that you’re first going to have increase interest, understanding and enthusiasm.
3 little pigs standing in a row, who had the better marketing or business development plan?

Straw, sticks or brick: which little pig had the better marketing and business development plan?

The straw business thinks in the immediate, and only in terms of the transactional and incremental. He/she most commonly asks, “Which marketing, sales and business development tactic should we be employing right this minute?” Chances of ever owning any meaningful marketplace position or identity are blowin’ in the wind.

Los Angeles Branding Agency Technology Case Study:  Lessoneer®

Los Angeles branding agency Articulated Brands® had the unique privilege of consulting upon the re-branding of an education technology (EdTech) company’s SAAS revolutionary product.

Los Angeles Branding Agency Professional Services Case Study: OrgoDomo®

Los Angeles Branding Agency Articulated Brands® was called in to consult on the re-naming and re-branding of a niche, luxury business.

Los Angeles Branding Agency Manufacturing Case Study:  Perceptics®

Los Angeles Branding Agency Articulated Brands® was asked to help re-imagine the branding and positioning for the worldwide leader in license plate recognition technology.

Los Angeles Brand Positioning Consultant & Copywriter Case Study: TPC®

Los Angeles brand positioning consultant and copywriter Silverman was asked to consult on the creative work coming out of TPC, the nationwide consortium of golf courses associated and by the PGA.

Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Case Study:  Kalish & Sons®

Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Scott Silverman was asked by fine artist Michael Kalish to consult on the development of a new line of products he was testing on Kickstarter.

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