The Los Angeles branding consultant who puts your position & message first.

A branding consultant needs to do far more than improve your brand image. Companies spend thousands of dollars, wasting months, years and decades, chasing marketing tactics and incremental performance. What they need to be doing is seizing their opportunities at their most fundamental levels and in a much more integrated fashion.Branding-consultant-los-angeles-example-message-centric-Scott-Silverman-Articulated-Brands

One branding consultant helps companies understand: it’s not just the power of the words, it’s the branding power of the messages behind them.

Grow your brand and your business simultaneously.

To increase marketing impact and effectiveness, and to ensure you experience greater marketing ROI over time, I’m the one branding consultant who helps you clarify and crystallize your core promises. Together, we spell out a more target-resonant vision for your business, maximizing your budgets and shaving years off your marketplace evolution. Message-centric Branding® accelerates strategic development because it cracks your communications and business development issues at their core.

>This leads to increased internal clarity and strategic alignment.
>This leads to greater marketing focus, impact, resonance and engagement.
>This leads to more leads! More revenue. Greater market share.
>>>And the only kind of branding that makes business sense.

(Read more about Message-centric branding® in this recent blog post on The Brand Strategy Consulting Difference.)


Message-centric Branding®: Better by Design.

When you don’t have the multi-million dollar marketing budget of a big brand (or even if you do), today, you’ve got to be wiser about your allocations and your approach. My Message-Centric Branding® approach to brand consulting digs deeper than the cosmetic aspects of brand look and even brand voice. I ground your brand strategy in position & message. Why? Because they’re two of the greatest, most highly leverage-able assets any business will ever have, but they are readily misunderstood and massively underutilized.

Brand theory is for academics. Cosmetics are for makeover artists.

For over 20 years, I’ve helped clients just like you better understand and articulate why their customers (and employees) should care. Because when you properly identify, organize and distill the messages that define, differentiate and connect you, you accelerate growth and profoundly increase efficiency. And when you’re done branding or re-branding, you aren’t just gussied up. You’re engineered to connect.

>>>Call me a branding consultant, a business development consultant or a messaging consultant. What you call me doesn’t matter, but when you call me does: 310.826.8518.

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