Los Angeles branding consultant helps you position, name & message like a boss.

A branding consultant is supposed to help you make smarter decisions on your strategic approach. That’s why, to increase your marketing impact and effectiveness, I’m the Los Angeles branding consultant who helps you clarify and crystallize your core promises. Together, we spell out a more target-resonant vision for your business. Then, we increase impact. Together, we shave years off your marketplace evolution. In other words, you picked a great day to start expecting more than superficial treatment from your Los Angeles branding consultant.


Message-centric branding™.

Better small business branding… by design!

>Accelerate your business growth.
>Increase internal clarity and strategic alignment.
>Experience greater marketing impact, resonance and engagement
>Realize more leads, revenue and market share.
You can learn more about Message-centric branding® in this recent blog post on The Los Angeles Brand Consulting Difference.

>>>Call me your branding consultant, business development consultant or company naming, positioning and messaging consultant. What you call me doesn’t matter, but when you call me absolutely does: 310.826.8518.

Scott’s approach goes beyond finding a great name and tagline to identifying the core of your differentiated value. Scott is amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs. He enabled us as a small company to develop an enterprise-class brand quickly and within our budget.  
Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

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