Branding consultant Scott does more than make you look good. He helps you see more green.

Before we get into to my work as a branding consultant, please allow me to ask you a few questions. Do you know a business that offers something truly valuable, but, for some reason, customers aren’t salivating? Conversely, do you know a small business or startup full of potential, yet somehow the entrepreneur thinks success is going to be built on anything other than its ability to connect with its customer base?

It’s not product or service that drives success.

It’s not only how great we make your company or product look.

Accelerating growth and sustaining your success are 100% dependent on your ability to create interest, understanding and excitement.

Get out of the widgets business. Think of yourself as being in The Business of Customers™. Starting today.

When you don’t have the multi-million dollar budget of a big brand, you’ve got to be smarter about your marketing allocations and your approach. For over 20 years, I’ve helped clients just like you discover their customer creation formulas by digging deeper into the vision, the values, the unique history, the competitive landscape and the nuances of the industry and customer base. That way, when you’re done branding or re-branding, you aren’t just gussied up. You’re engineered to connect.


Message-centric branding® gets you ahead further and faster because it solves marketing challenges at their core.

“Finally, we’re getting our story out!”

“Finally, we’re getting through!”

At Articulated Brands®, I do brand consulting differently. To increase marketing impact and effectiveness, and to help ensure you experience greater marketing ROI over time, I help you clarify and crystallize your core promises. Together, we build the seeds of your sale into your brand DNA. Really, it’s exactly what traditional branding ought to do, but too often fails because too many so-called branding agencies and too many people calling themselves branding consultants lack the sales savvy, the business acumen and the messaging diagnostics ability, often putting brand before position and creative marketing tactics over your fundamental strategy for connecting. Yikes! But at Articulated Brands®, we sum it all up. We spell it all out. Then, the real fun begins. We execute the creative work that actually adheres to the brand strategy. And we begin connecting like never before. (Los Angeles brand consultant testimonials.)


Why ground your branding (and your business) in position & message? Because they’re two of the greatest (and most readily leveraged) assets any business will ever have, but they are misunderstood and massively underutilized. Companies chase marketing tactics and incremental performance, when they need to be solving their communication challenges at their core. By using my message-centric branding® approach in our brand consulting work together, we temporarily take the focus off of the straw and wood of marketing tactics and execution. Like that third little pig, our work together serves to ensure you’re building your marketing house in brick. Enduring, windproof brick. This results in sustainable, scale-able, salable brand value!

>>>Let’s forget about big branding firms or even you calling me your branding consultant. Let’s just you and I have a fun chat about using position and message to unleash your business’ true potential: 310.826.8518.

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