website copywriting blog, by Scott Silverman, Los Angeles copywriter and brand consultant.

When you need to hire a website copy writer, here are 8 things to keep in mind:


Lessoneer website sample, by Scott Silverman, Los Angeles copywriter and brand consultant.

Recent website copywriter sample for an amazing educational technology product, Lessoneer, by EdCaliber of Portland, Orgeon.

  1. Great web copy needs to expand upon and give fresh meaning to your Unique Value Propositions. If you aren’t beginning with a clean brief and a solid strategic center, work with a web copywriter who has the brand strategy and brand consulting experience to help you sharpen your marketing sword.
  2. Website content needs to do 3 things simultaneously. To be effective, your online copywriting needs to solidify your marketplace position in order to advance the sale. It needs to breathe energy and life into your brand, further setting you apart so that visitors are actually moved by the online experience. Lastly, it should work to increase your authority and, thereby, your SEO ranking.
  3. Attention, connection and differentiation are, in my experience, marketing’s Golden Triangle. But too often I see companies (at every size, believe it or not) who are all too eager to build a website when they really need to be thinking about building a stronger brand first. Your website is an outgrowth of your brand strategy, not the other way around. I often use humor and human warmth to set my clients’ websites apart. Would your company benefit from having a stronger, more polished voice? Yes, indeed-y. (Industry term for “you betcha.”)
  4. Experienced designers and developers know we must think through the “what to say” side of the equation prior to exploring “how to say it best.” If you are beginning with the visuals, you are not only barking up the wrong tree, you are leaving your web copywriter very little room to help you crack your sale.
  5. Talk to any veteran, multi-million-dollar-producing sales person and you’ll be receiving earfuls on the undeniable importance of bringing the right message to prospects. Should you wish your website to serve in any kind of sales capacity (either primary or support), forget about hiring a wordsmith. Hire a copywriter who can balance your brand objectives (differentiating, staking claim to a bold position, making you sound smart and engaging) with your fundamental marketing & sales objectives.
  6. Should your web copy be short or long? This depends upon your industry, your ideal customers and, of course, your objectives. For a page to have any authority at all with the SERP’s, you need about 300 words. Big brands can get away with less because their authority is derived from the brand itself. Of course, it’s true many people won’t read every word of your copy. People skim, especially with mobile’s insanely fast growth rate. Just be sure your killer copy’s still there, though, because if you can hook them with a funny headline or a clever and engaging subhead, you’ve gotta back it up with something. I know I’d much rather buy from a company who actually has something valuable to say. You?
  7. Specific industry experience in your field is far less critical than many think. The real experience you want in your website copywriter is in building brands, helping companies better understand their strategy for creating target connections.
  8. As with all of your hires, there’s just no substitute for intelligence & problem-solving, character and drive. Don’t get too lost in the marketing and web jargon.

Lessoneer website sample, by Scott Silverman, Los Angeles copywriter and brand consultant.

Website copywriter Scott Silverman converts features into easy-to-understand benefits for companies who insist on breaking through.


Most web copywriters define the role as word-provider. I think it’s about growing your business.

I hope these 8 points have given you some good things to think about. I know it’s not easy to find a website copywriter who shares your performance expectations. But if mastering your web content is important to achieving your business vision, I’m here to help in every way I can. Check out the work page to see more samples and please feel free to gimme a shout at any time.