Los Angeles Brand Positioning Consultant & Copywriter Case Study: TPC®

Los Angeles brand positioning consultant and copywriter Silverman was asked to consult on the creative work coming out of TPC, the nationwide consortium of golf courses associated and by the PGA.

Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Case Study:  Kalish & Sons®

Los Angeles Branding Consultant & Copywriter Scott Silverman was asked by fine artist Michael Kalish to consult on the development of a new line of products he was testing on Kickstarter.

40 Inspirational Quotes on Branding, Business, Design, Copywriting… and Life!

Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout this website. But in this blog post, you can find over 40 branding quotes, as well as quotes on business, design and copywriting. I hope you get as much out of these as I have!